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Ashley Smith

Email Marketing + Brand Voice Strategist
Remote (US/Canada), Remote (US), Remote

About Writer

Heyyy, I’m Ashley!
Email Marketing + Brand Voice Strategist

Ever wondered what happens when creativity meets healthy obsession?

Meet your word-obsessed, punctuation-passionate creative conduit.

I help passion-driven coaches and course creators just like you amplify their influence and sell out their offers with personality-infused email marketing and brand voice strategy.

I founded CopyThat! Creative® with the belief that copy with zero personality is dead, and on the cornerstone that exceptional copy is the rule, not the exception.

Seeking that authentic human touch in your marketing?

You just found it.


2023 Confident Copywriters

Copywriting trainings, resources, and group membership.

2023 Brand Voice Visionaries
Brand Voice Academy

#1 Brand Voice & Voice Guide Training. I can mimic any writing voice, and master any style. Learned how to codify voice and create highly profitable guides that set foundations for any business.

2023 Writing Under Pressure
Dan Nelkin Creative

Write better headlines. Faster. - The best writing and thinking techniques for quick-turn timelines and high-pressure situations.

2023 CopyTribe
Michal Eisikowitz's CopyTribe

Foundational Copywriting Course.