Introducing the New Best Writing

Updated on April 8, 2024
The new Best Writing

We’re introducing the new Best Writingthe all-in-one writing marketplace designed to elevate your writing career to new heights.

Here are some of the new features:

Diverse Job Opportunities

Hundreds of new writing jobs and freelance projects, including remote, freelance, contract, or full-time positions, sourced from job portals, newsletters, social media, communities, and selected partners.

Updated daily.

Browse 1,100+ Open Jobs →

The new Best Writing

Show Yourself and Work Your Way

Show yourself and work your way. Introduce yourself, choose skills, topics, and list your best writing examples.

List your work experience, preferred locations, job types and rates.

Browse Writer Profiles →

Redesigned Dashboard

Create unlimited job alerts for specific criteria, such as “Remote jobs paying at least $50,000/yr,” and receive daily notifications.

Subscribe to individual companies to stay in the loop on their latest opportunities.

Personalized Job Alerts

Easily update your profile, save your favorite jobs, projects, and companies, and gain valuable insights through profile analytics.

Sell Your Services

Sell your expertise by listing your services.

For example, offer a “Pillar Content Market Research & Strategy for $1,500,” reaching a wider audience and enhancing your chances of landing your dream projects.

Discontinuation of the Free Plan

As a small and independent business, we decided to discontinue the free plan.

This ensures we can sustain our operations and provide top-notch service to our paid customers.

Already Had a Profile on the Older Best Writing Platform?

If you had an active paid membership, simply reset your password and login as usual, no changes needed.

If you didn’t have a paid membership, start your membership and send me an email.

I’ll personally migrate and set up your new profile with tailored recommendations to boost your chances of landing more jobs.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Best Writing community.

I can’t wait to see you thrive on the new platform!

Tomas Laurinavicius

Hi! I'm Tomas. I'm a founder, marketer, designer, and blogger from Lithuania, now happily living in Alicante, Spain. I'm a marketing advisor at Devsolutely and a partner at Craftled, building Best Writing and Marketful.