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Pillar Content Market Research & Strategy

  • Delivery Time
    7 Days
  • English Level

Service Description

Example: Webflow’s “open” ebooks published as blog posts but all structured as book chapters.

2024 update: Not open anymore. They gated it now that it gets organic traffic and converts to leads. I keep it here as a good example.


  1. Publish definitive guides covering strategic topics and go deep into explaining all the branches of the main topic with an intent to rank for long-tail keywords, People Also Ask boxes, and featured snippets.
  2. Interlink with high-value posts where readers can convert.
  3. Turn all the chapters into an ebook that people can download.

Does this services include content writing?

No. I'll deliver you detailed market and keyword research and content strategy. Execution is not included, but I'm available for freelance work.