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Zhenya Zerkalenkov

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5 years
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About Zhenya

Content writer and content strategist with 5 years of experience.


→ Advised 8 start-ups in different industries regarding their content strategy → Mentored entrepreneurs and companies in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark in content strategy, especially in the Health & Wellness niche → Run a 1:1 coaching service to maximize creator revenue → Directed and developed the content strategy for 5 companies at the same time


→ Reduced marketing costs for a client by €120,000 p.a. while increasing LinkedIn impressions by 600%, clicks by 34x, and engagement rate by 49% through cutting investment in ads and setting focus on content writing → Reached 19M+ content impressions on Pinterest in the last 1,5 years → Zero advertisements → Featured on Medium by multiple publications with up to 388,000 readers with a read ratio of up to 78% → Supervised and trained 6 team members responsible for content writing which skyrocketed the click-through rate on LinkedIn content from 4% to up to 126.29%

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  • Business
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Outdoors
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Travel

Other Skills

  • Health and wellness
  • chinese philosophy