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Vivian Alsup

Researcher, Writer, SEO

About Writer

I began my writing journey early in life, but in earnest as an R.N. in the nineties. I gained experience writing and teaching policy and procedure, educational materials for staff, in-services, and employee safety meetings. As an Infection Control Nurse, I found my love of data and scientific writing.

When life dictated that I had to be home, freelance writing was a no-brainer. This gave me experience in many different genres, and literally hundreds of subject areas. The ultimate joy was getting to work with clients from all over the world. I have written, edited, and performed rewrites for clients from Israel, China, India, and Poland. My work has included things as simple as editing emails, and as complex as the biological complications of Diabetes.

Now I’m getting ready to publish a novel, I foster bottle babies, and I love to build stained glass lamps.

Staying home isn’t so bad after all.