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Chirag Dutta


About Writer

With a proven track record in elevating online visibility and engaging target audiences, I specialize in creating SEO-optimized content and compelling marketing copy that drives action. My approach is data-driven and results-oriented, ensuring that every piece of content is reader-friendly and aligned with the latest SEO practices to maximize organic reach and conversion.

Key Strengths:

SEO Optimization: Expert in keyword research, on-page SEO tactics, and analytics to enhance content ranking and visibility.
Copywriting: I am skilled at crafting clear, persuasive copy for various digital formats, including websites, email campaigns, and social media.
Content Strategy: Proficient in developing content strategies that align with business goals and SEO best practices, resulting in improved engagement and ROI.
Collaboration: Experienced in working closely with cross-functional teams to produce cohesive and compelling content campaigns.


2021 Bachelors in Business Administration Specialization in Business Analytics
Garden City University, Bangalore India

Other Professional Courses: - SEO Writing Masterclass from SurferSEO - Mass Marketing Qualification by California Institute of Advertising Communication & Marketing (CIACM) - Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program - Strategic Management, Innovation and Business Strategy related courses from Copenhagen Business School & Illinois University. - Data Visualization and Marketing Analytics courses from Virginia University - Big Data Engineer - Intermediate and Mastery Award from IBM