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Nezavel Wasil

Direct-Response Copywriter

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Hey there:)

I hope this message finds you well and thriving.

Good day!

As someone deeply committed to unlocking the full potential of your company’s marketing efforts, I want to share a revelation with you—a misconception that, if left unaddressed, can lead to hidden and lasting consequences in the company’s journey.


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You see, there was a time when I, too, believed that conquering the content marketing , email marketing and direct-response realm was solely about the visual appeal of campaigns.

The misconception I held was that as long as the content posts, emails, landing pages, sales letters looked good, success would follow naturally.

Little did I know, this belief was quietly sabotaging campaigns and preventing them from reaching their true potential.

The consequences were profound—lower engagement, dwindling open rates, and a nagging feeling that efforts weren’t truly connecting with the audience.

It was like shouting into the void, hoping someone would hear.

The emotional toll of this experience was immense, leaving us questioning the effectiveness of the strategies and the impact of messages.

But then, I discovered the hidden truth that transformed my approach to email, content and direct-response marketing with the help of AI’s sophisticated approach to market and competitor’s research.

Instead of focusing solely on aesthetics, I shifted my perspective to the power of words—the art of crafting compelling narratives that resonate deeply with the audience.

This epiphany was a game-changer.

I realized that the key to irresistible email and ad campaigns lies in the mastery of expert email and content marketing and direct – response copywriting !

It is all about weaving stories, creating emotional connections, and inspiring action through words that speak directly to the hearts and minds of the audience.

Now, I’m not here to reveal the entire solution just yet, but let me tease you with the results that unfolded once I harnessed the efficiency and competence of being an AI Marketer (Content, Email and Direct – Response Copywriter).

Picture emails that not only look visually stunning but also possess a magnetic quality, drawing readers in from the first line.

Open rates soared, click-through rates skyrocketed, and conversions became more than just a possibility—they became a reality.

Imagine ;

the satisfaction of crafting emails that not only stand out in crowded inboxes but also leave a lasting impact on your audience.

landing pages and sales letter (video and text) that converts curious prospects to avid fan-based buyers of your products and services

Detail oriented strategy to comply with the ad policies in all media platforms

Contents that are so relevant and congruent to the visions of the company which allows achieving the high competence of branding

Achieving work and life balance

That’s the kind of transformation I experienced, and now, I’m thrilled to share the possibility of the same journey for you and your company.

So, here’s the exciting part!

I’ve stumbled upon something extraordinary, something that can redefine your email, content marketing and direct -response marketing game.

This transformative solution is neatly packed inside a game-changing product—Expert Email, Content Marketing and Direct – Response Copywriting for Irresistible Campaigns.

With this product, you’ll supercharge your email campaigns, contents for branding and social media, landing pages , video and text sales letters with expertly crafted copy that not only engages and persuades but also converts.

You will get the benefits…

higher open rates…

increased click-through rates….

fan-based consumers

and ultimately, a boost in revenue that reflects the true impact of the company’s marketing efforts.

Ready to embark on this journey together?

Don’t hesitate to reply and message me.

The Expert Email, Content Marketing and Direct – Response Copywriting for Irresistible Campaigns is your ticket to a realm of possibilities, where every COPY becomes a story, and every story becomes a conversion.

A leverage so much worth the investments:)

Here’s to transforming the marketing journey!




Expert Email, Content Marketing and Direct – Response Copywriter / AI Marketer


2004-2011 Bachelor's of Science in Electronics Engineering
University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

Work & Experience

January 2021 Direct-Response and Email Copywriter (AI Marketer)

Freelance Copywriter ● Developing copy with big ideas for implementing successful email marketing campaigns, resulting in a 20% increase in open rates and a 30% increase in click-through rates. ● Write persuasive direct response copy for various marketing materials, resulting in a 15% increase in conversions and a 25% increase in sales revenue. ● Collaborating with cross-functional teams to create engaging landing pages, achieving a 40% reduction in bounce rates and a 50% increase in lead generation. ● Conducting extensive A/B testing and data analysis to optimize email and direct response copy, leading to a 25% improvement in overall campaign performance and ROI.

2011 - 2016 Account Assistant Banker for SME Business Loans
Planters Development Bank

Responsible for Account Management and provides assistance to Account Officers ● Prepares Credit Proposals for Credit Facility Renewals ● Prepares Credit Memorandums for additional requests from clients ● Requesting updates of appraisal, credit investigations reports and actual credit scoring needed for loan approval. ● Routing of credit proposals & memorandums to approving credit committee ● Registration of Real Estate Mortgage with Registry of Deeds ● Chopping and Releasing of approved credit accommodations of clients ● Cross selling of bank products to walk in and existing clients ● Billing and monthly collections for client amortizations ● Documentation of approved credit accommodations for SME clients, monitoring and complying with document deficiencies

2016 - 2018 SME Business Loans Processor
China Bank Savings, Inc.

Same SME Business Loan Account responsibilities

2019 - 2021 Overseas Filipino Worker
Korphil Promotions LTD. Seoul City, South Korea

Business Assistant for Entertainment Productions/ Professional Artist