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John Lynch

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You’ve got a story to tell and you need someone to tell it. I’m glad we’ve met – telling other people’s stories in a way that people will want to read them is what I do.

My breakthrough year was 1989 when I sold my first book, my first article and my first short story . I signed my first ghost writing contract the following year. Since then I’ve ghost written more than 60 full length fiction and non-fiction books published with other people’s names on the cover and 9 of my own. Some of those ghosted books have spent weeks in the Top 10 of Amazon charts and 5 have been optioned for movies/TV. Seven years in North America means I write American English as fluently as the British kind.

I’d never contemplated using a ghost writer. I felt sure I had a great book idea, but didn’t have the first idea how to write it. I did an internet search on a whim one day and found John . John has been a pleasure to work with, from start to finish. He has guided, mentored, and educated me in the role of the ghost writer, coaxing the story that was in my head out, and into his head. The result is almost the story I visualized…. but better. Thank you so much John!

John, a gifted wordsmith was and is just amazing to work with! He is diligent, goal oriented and always strives to deliver the best possible work. I highly recommend John as a collaborator. Cheers and Thanks !!!

John has a great way of pulling the story out of you. He made the process easy and exciting.

Truly excellent writer and a pleasure to work with. Prompt and highly professional. Will definitely work with again.

John edited and proofed my book and ghostwrote a few chapters. He did his edits at an extreme level of detail. Chapters he added perfectly picked up on what’s missing and followed the tone and the message of the book. John added lots of value to the book. And I am now in trouble – I am not sure I would dare to publish anything in the future without John looking it over.

John was a pleasure to work with. He doctored my book into tip top shape. Very professional. My highest recommendations.


1964 BA (Hons) 2:1 in English
Durham University

Honours degree in English rom a Russell Group university

Work & Experience

1989 - Current Writer

I was first published in 1989, a non-fiction book about managing in the high tech sector. That same year, the same publisher asked me to think about a ghost writing project. I wasn’t sure, but I took it on and I loved it. Ghost writing allows me to do what I really enjoy, which is telling the story (and a good writer is always telling a story, even when writing non-fiction), without having to get involved afterwards in marketing and the whole business of “being an author”. I’ve done my share of author’s readings, sitting on book festival panels and answering readers’ questions and I know that’s not where my heart is. Since then, as well as writing in my own name I’ve completed more than sixty ghost writing projects. They break down roughly 50-50 between fiction and non-fiction; the non-fiction has included how-to books, manuals for software and engineering apps, true crime memoirs and training courses. I’ve written a great deal about marketing, first during forty years when my work was selling things and then because that background satisfied people that I was the right person to write marketing material for them. I also write contemporary fiction as John Lynch, historical fiction as RJ Lynch, and detectibe fiction as JJ Sullivan