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George Araman

SEO Content Marketer & International Bestselling Author

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11 years
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About George

George first discovered his gift of writing while writing his international bestselling book The Grey Dance of Love. Strong with his 11 years of experience in marketing and growth, George has dipped his toes in 9 industries and amassed 21 certificates along the way, his vast and depth of knowledge comes in handy when he writes.

He enjoys writing Blogs, Emails, landing pages, ebooks, and how-to guides the most. Being SEO and Content Marketing certified you can rest assured the traffic is coming your way.

Over the years he wrote B2B technical documents (in energy, RFID, and banking), academic papers (thesis), catalogues (technical and commercial), brochures, press releases, emails, email campaigns, newsletters, blogs (lifestyle, productivity, business, marketing, and more), an international bestselling book, ebooks, strategy documents, presentations, sales documents, and so much more.

George enjoys a positive work environment and secretly sends loving thoughts to his colleagues and clients, he is also success driven and will stop at nothing to deliver only the best, and your feedback is valuable for that.

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