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If I had to choose three words that best describe me, I would say I am: curious, honest, and tenacious. These values have woven through my life and work, informing who I am.

I enjoy learning new things, and my curiosity led me to a reporting career. It’s also why I’m an outstanding content writer and communicator. I never tire of learning, growing, and finding new and better ways to achieve goals.

I value honesty and fairness in people and organizations. It’s a value that has prompted me to seek the truth as a reporter so that I might inform and educate. My belief in fairness and “equity for all” was instrumental in my joining Teach for America and why I taught science to underserved students for more than four years.

I am tenacious. As a second-generation American and a first-generation college graduate I’ve navigated many challenges over the years. I've managed layoffs and job losses with grace. And, I've adopted the mantra “Never, ever, ever, ever give up” as my motivation. My working-class roots go deep — and through it all — I’ve gained a strong work ethic that keeps me striving to always do and be better. I bring that tenaciousness to everything I do in my life and work.

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