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Smaranda Mihaila

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About Smaranda

Introspective, creative, and versatile . These are the first three words that would best describe Smaranda as a writer. She has always been a highly introspective person who internalises the things happening around her, but only a few years back she discovered she can take all of her thoughts and opinions and transpose them into writing. She writes about art and culture, from film reviews and script and character writing to literature and theatrical performances. However, she never steps down from a challenge and often likes to go out of her comfort zone to explore new writing topics and prompts. Apart from the more creative style of writing, after 4 years of working in an NGO, she has also developed secretarial and oragnisational writing skills, from writing emails to meeting reports. As Editor-in-Chief of her Faculty's Media Journal, she works with and manages a team of 10 members while editing and writing academic papers and media-related articles which get published regularly. Nevertheless, she has experience in taking and writing interviews and representing the press department at (film) festivals, which she documents and writes retrospective articles about.


  • Academic
  • Arts
  • Creative
  • Culture
  • Editing
  • Fiction
  • Outdoors
  • Script

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  • Film Reviews
  • Article Writing
  • Media Journalism
  • Script Writing
  • Academic Editing
  • Email Writing