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Developmental Editing – BEAT SHEET

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    5 Days
  • English Level

Service Description

Starting from your existing story idea and possibly developed characters, I’ll work with you to draft a beat sheet. You can use this to test your story idea and inform your existing writing, or begin drafting a more detailed overview before you begin writing. A beat sheet of this kind can inform your novel in all genres, a screenplay, and even creative non-fiction.

If you need more developmental work, you can continue working with me on a detailed outline as well, or seek my help to develop your cast of characters.

What is a beat sheet?

A beat sheet is one form for outlining or plotting a work of fiction, such as a novel or screenplay, or even a creative non-fiction that follows storytelling techniques.A beat is the smallest unit of plot, or a plot point. A beat sheet can follow the traditional three act structure, but goes beyond that and covers all the major plot points and scenes. It will inform a more detailed outline, such as a chapter overview, for example.Working with a beat sheet allows you to identify supporting 'pillars' upon which your plot rests, and whether or not your characters, their motivations, as well as the major turning points are 'strong' enough to make your story compelling and believable.

I work with a template that contains 15 beats, which can be split into the traditional three act structure.

No, your story is yours to tell. A beat sheet informs the plot, or ups and down, if you will, of your story. It helps you identify when/where in the story major turning points will occur.

Ideally, you have a strong sense of your story already with at least the main characters. If your story idea is less developed, consider working (with me) on your characters first.

Yes, a beat sheet allows you to "test" the strength of your story idea or identify where you might have to move things around within your plot. Especially when you feel stuck in the middle, i.e. the second act, you might have plot problems at hand, and we can definitely work through those!