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Technical Marketing Engineer and Writer


Apply before: May 28, 2024
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    April 28, 2024
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    May 28, 2024
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Job Description

Job Description

Want to show the world how to build AI infrastructure? Want to guide new cloud builders on how to design, build and operate AI cloud networks? Better yet, want to build an AI assistant that does this for you? If you have a network engineering background and you enjoy telling good stories while documenting and demonstrating technology, this is the job for you.

As Hedgehog’s first Technical Marketing Engineer, you will play a key role in defining this critical job function at a fast growing open source company leading the AI Network category. In the short term you will:

Explain the Hedgehog product producing 2-3 minute YouTube videos covering a range of topics including:

  • Hedgehog Virtual Private Cloud service
  • Hedgehog Control Plane
  • Hedgehog Data Plane
  • Hedgehog Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Hedgehog Network Observability
  • Hedgehog Network Troubleshooting
  • Hedgehog Software Updates

Demonstrate the Hedgehog product live for prospective customers.

Wear a second hat as a technical writer improving technical documentation from our engineering team. Improvements include tech writing best practices for a quick start guide, tutorials, lab exercises, background information, glossary, and context that frames the software engineering details.

Train a Hedgehog virtual assistant to answer customer questions by feeding your technical documentation and marketing material into Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for an open source Large Language Model (LLM).

Guide prospective customers through virtual lab exercises so they can evaluate the same product features that you demonstrate in videos and discovery calls.

Assist prospective customers in designing, planning and scoping their AI cloud infrastructure.

Assist prospective customers in documenting their infrastructure as code, implementing Gitops, and integrating Hedgehog into their Gitops process.

Position Hedgehog relative to our partners and competitors.

Handle customer objections and build objection handling playbooks for SDRs using Hubspot.

Write blogs on AI network topics, Hedgehog capabilities, and Hedgehog customer stories.

Train new sellers at Hedgehog and our GTM partners on how to position Hedgehog in AI cloud infrastructure solutions.



  • Bachelor’s or Graduate’s Degree in computer science, data science, electronics, or engineering.

  • Industry experience with cloud networking and/or a strong understanding of cloud networking concepts like VPC, BGP EVPN, VXLAN, NAT, DHCP, ZTP, SDN, RoCEv2, ECN, PFC

  • Strong technical writing skills demonstrated by a reference portfolio

  • Strong oral communication with a gift to simply explain complex technical concepts with stories that non-technical people can easily understand

  • Basic video editing skills


  • Degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical field

  • Curious nature and desire to tinker: you want to pull things apart to see how they work

  • Love of new and emerging technologies

  • Ability to distill complicated ideas to just the right number of words

  • Experienced with technical writing using Markdown and Material for MkDocs

  • Experience with AI/ML models

  • Experience with open source software

  • Experience in embedded or network engineering, technical support, product testing, or QA

Additional Information

Hedgehog Benefits

  • World-class team
  • Fun culture
  • Engaging and interesting engineering problems
  • Competitive salary
  • Startup equity
  • Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision)
  • Unlimited time off
  • Work from home (fully remote – we don’t care where you are; we care about what you can do)
  • Laptop, IT equipment