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Technical Editor


Apply before: August 2, 2024
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    July 3, 2024
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    August 2, 2024
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Job Description

As a Technical Editor in our technical support department, you fulfill an essential role. You are responsible for creating and updating high-quality technical documentation, which allows colleagues ‘in the field’ to perform their work better and more efficiently. You work within the Feeding product team, where you collaborate with colleagues on technical support for both the Lely Vector, an automated feeding system, and the Lely Juno, an automated feed pusher. You are responsible for creating, updating and maintaining technical manuals, instructions and other documents that are essential for the correct use, installation and maintenance of both systems. For example, a major project you will work on is the development of the Lely Troubleshooting Advisor app, where troubleshooting flows are being created so that our service engineers worldwide can effectively solve malfunctions for the Lely Vector. Within your role you will work closely with various stakeholders, including product development, documentation/communications specialists in other product teams and colleagues in our international offices, to ensure that our documentation meets user needs and expectations. Your tasks & responsabilites: – As an editor you will contribute to developing our Lely Troubleshooting Advisor app, ensuring that these documents meet the needs of our customers and users. – By analyzing data and feedback from the field, you will identify gaps in our knowledge base and work with the team to close these gaps so that engineers worldwide have access to current and complete information. – You actively incorporate feedback from stakeholders and target audiences and translate this feedback into new or updated materials, such as technical manuals, instructions and other documentation, to ensure that our documentation meets user needs and expectations. – You will work with the team to develop new training courses and expand existing training courses, so that technicians around the world are well prepared to efficiently maintain and use the Lely Vector system and the Lely Juno.