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High School Maths Content Developer & Curriculum Writer (Year 7-10)

Contour Education

Apply before: August 5, 2024
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    July 6, 2024
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    August 5, 2024
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Job Description


We have a fantastic opportunity for a driven and committed individual to join our passionate team and pioneer our content and resources for High School Mathematics (Year 7-10) at Contour Education for 2024 onwards!

Who Are We?

We empower students and their studies by providing highly engaging small-group tutoring designed to prepare them for school assessments and final exams. Our sessions are presented by experienced but young tutors that can teach the study design in a simple and intuitive yet engaging way.

Over 3,500 students and 80 staff have joined our tutoring services since our founding in 2020. Our growth is a testament to our dedication to providing ALL our students and parents with a high-quality tutoring experience (from 24/7 personal support to on-demand resources) and our commitment to helping them achieve their goals. We ranked as the 17th Fastest Growing Startup by the Australian Financial Review in 2022, ranked again in 2023, and continue to multiply year-on-year!

It’s our vision to reshape education, starting with tutoring.

The Role

We currently offer tutoring for High School Maths, but of course, to comprehensively prepare students for Mathematics at the Year 7-10 level, it’s simply not enough to teach them Maths concepts – we must also provide them with tons of high-quality, thorough, intuitive, and rigorous practice material. That’s where this role comes in!

We are seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable Mathematics Content Developer and Curriculum Writer to join our team.

You will be designing and working alongside our veteran tutors and the Head of High School Mathematics to prepare our content and resources, and preparing for our national expansion in 2025. Our aim is to help Year 7-10 students not only love mathematics, but also improve their grades at school and encourage them to pursue STEM careers in the future.

If you have a strong background in mathematics, a passion for creating engaging content and resources, and love digging deep into the intuition behind Maths and helping students love Maths, then this role is for you!

Opportunity to Impact Thousands

Have you ever wanted to impact the education of hundreds, or even thousands, of students at once? Maybe you’ve been doing some one-on-one tutoring or content creation so far, and now you want to explore larger groups of students? As a High School Maths Content Developer at Contour, rather than impacting just one or a few students at a time, you will directly help hundreds, or even thousands of Year 7-10 Maths students with your knowledge and expertise, without the hassle of any admin work or finding students.

At Contour, we strongly believe that our resources are the backbone of the tutoring we provide to our students – it’s the booklets that guide their sessions when they attend Contour class, it’s the booklets that they practice with to consolidate their learning at home, and it’s the booklets that they revise with, to prepare for their Tests and Exams.

As a High School Maths Content Developer and Curriculum Writer, you’ll be working on the two pillars of Maths resources at Contour – our Core resources (the weekly workbooks, homework booklets, and practice tests – to help students learn, apply, and practice), and then our Mastery resources (the weekly workshops, workshop homework, and practice Tests and Exams – to help students revise, consolidate, and prepare for assessments). 

Support & Personal Development

In this role, you’ll be working closely with our passionate Maths tutoring team, as well as our Head of High School Mathematics – constantly getting input and feedback to further refine exactly what makes up a booklet that is effective, succinct, and gives students exactly what they need, when they need it.

Working in a collaborative environment and an energetic team can be a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and learn so much along the way. When you work with us, you’ll also have the chance to learn from tutors and content developers who have spent thousands of hours in the field and have garnered years of experience, perfecting their craft.

You’ll be trained upon joining and we’ll provide you with personal feedback as you settle in. You’ll also be engaged with the rest of the team through routine catch-ups and peer-review sessions, and over time you’ll receive further perks, pay rises, classes and work opportunities. We’ll also be there to support you through any personal ventures such as rent applications and job references!

Competitive Pay and Compensation

We pride ourselves on compensating and rewarding our team for their hard work. The starting rate for this role ranges from $30 to $40 per hour (plus super) depending on your experience, and the complexity of Contour resources you create. We are seeking someone to commit part-time to full-time hours for this role (20 – 38 hours per week).

Minimal Admin Work

There is almost no requirement for admin work. We want you to focus on what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at – which is Mathematics and content creation – we’ll take care of the rest!


Skill Requirements

🙏 Honesty and Integrity
👨‍🏫 Passion for Teaching
💞 High Level of Empathy
🔥 Energy and Enthusiasm
🗣️ Excellent Communication Skills
💪 Independence & Proactiveness
🤝 Willing to Listen, Learn & Lead
🧠 Intelligence & Creativity

Academic Requirements

💯 99+ ATAR
45+ Raw Study Score in VCE Maths subject(s)
🎓 University Knowledge in Mathematics
🕒 Content Writing Experience inMathematics🏆 Academic Awards in Maths

NOTE: These are not hard-fast academic requirements; however, they are favourable to your application.

Personal Requirements

🗓️ Full Academic Year Commitment (e.g. no overseas exchange trips for 8 weeks)
🔮 Long-Term Mindset & Vision (if you’re selected, we’d like you to come for the ride as we grow as a brand!)
🤫Sign an NDA (e.g. can’t distribute our resources/company info to others)
❌ Agree to a non-compete clause (e.g. you can’t create content for others, exceptions apply, check with us!)
🚗 Travel to our Locations (e.g. Glen Waverley, Melbourne CBD)
💖 Genuine Desire to Communicate Maths and Write Resources (e.g. your primary goal is to help students achieve their potential, like us!)
🎓 Past VCE Graduate (we still accept applications from non-VCE graduates in exceptional circumstances!)


  • Above market rate compensation and guaranteed pay (starting rates ranging from $33 to $44 per hour incl. super).
  • Satisfying and fulfilling work helping students succeed (it feels good when your students do good).
  • Minimal admin work with a fixed schedule (consistent hours every week).
  • Primary focus on preparing excellent content, to ultimately provide an excellent student experience (no hassle with student payments, admin, etc.).
  • Significant improvement in team and leadership skills (and you get paid for it).
  • Personalised mentorship, training and feedback to improve your communication, writing, and content development skills.
  • Creative freedom in a fun start-up environment (no corporate walls, talk directly to the founders or students).
  • Opportunities for potential tutoring roles at Contour, and performance based pay rises.