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Freelance SEO Writer (Finance, Tech, or Saas Exp)


Apply before: May 30, 2024
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  • Date posted
    April 30, 2024
  • Location
    Remote (US)
  • Apply before
    May 30, 2024
  • Career Level

Job Description

Hey there! Thanks for checking us out 😜

We’re looking for freelance ghost writers with a background in finance, SaaS, and the Tech Sector to work with our SEO time and support our clients. This is a fully remote, contracted (1099) position. We pay writers a flat per-article rate of $200 (x4 per month guaranteed, up to 20 if you have the bandwidth) to start for ~1200–1500 words, and $100 per product page (~600–700 words). In the questionnaire below, you’ll have a chance to let us know how many articles you would like to do per month.

Here are some quick & fun facts about KB:

  • We love feedback (Good 👍 or Bad 👎)
  • We want you to thrive and grow (we’re your biggest cheerleaders) 🎉
  • We like to PARTY (more on that later) ✨

Culture is a big reason why people choose to work with us. Check us out on IG, YouTube & Glassdoor. (where we were voted Best Place to Work in all of the USA in 2022.)

Are you one of us? We’re looking for

  • someone who has sunshiny soft skills (even though you spend a lot of time behind a screen) — you’re fun, likable, and have a big sense of humor
  • someone who digs our Core Values:
  • You Push Yourself
  • You’re Accountable
  • You’re Resilient
  • You’re Transparent
  • You Focus on Yourself

Some things about you:

  • You find yourself editing billboards, store signs, and emails off the clock (because you can’t help it)
  • You enjoy learning about and researching niche topics
  • Your work has been published for commercial clients online before (preferably for at least 2 years)
  • You pay attention to details and always proofread your work — no sloppy writing
  • You are deadline-oriented and never submit assignments late — missing a deadline is probably the worst thing you can do because you let your editor down, the client down, and your company down
  • You understand the differences between top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content
  • You are good about communicating with your editor early and often in Asana (where all of your assignment convos happen) and Slack (when you have a question that’s not content-related).
  • You use AI like the tech-forward, open-minded, efficient writer you are — but you don’t rely on it 100%: you use it as a research tool, an idea generator, and a way to write strong pieces under tight deadlines — but you always edit for tone and fact-check!*
  • The content you produce is original. You add your personal flair so it sounds like you and not like Chat GPT (robotically bland) never plagiarize your work because that’s morally gross (and because we always check)

Here’s how being a KlientBoost SEO Writer works:

  • Your editor will give you an outline for each article and a Clearscope SEO report to set you up for A+ writing
  • Depending on your bandwidth, healthy respect for deadlines, and niche, you’ll ghost write anywhere from four to twenty 1,200-word articles a month for KB’s SEO clients. Ghost writing means you write in the background anonymously as the part of KB (and you can’t list the clients you write for under your portfolio)
  • You’ll wear the client’s pants, conduct research to understand the UVP of their services/products, and write articles that match their tone of voice
  • You take feedback graciously and make changes quickly to stay on deadline

Don’t forget about the PERKS!

  • Milestone bonuses for high-quality content and never missing a deadline
  • Rate increases
  • Opportunity to earn testimonials, LinkedIn endorsements, and letters of recommendation
  • No client interfacing; you get to do what you love — write

Still Interested? Awesome! We can’t wait to review your application!

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