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Job Description

We're not just another agency, and we're searching for someone who is looking for a job as unique as we are.

We’re on the hunt for a Senior Content Writer & Editor. This spacefaring role encompasses the art of editing, crafting content from the stars, leading training voyages, and piloting process improvements.

You'll be the cosmic navigator, ensuring our content not only resonates with audiences but also soars to the highest reaches of search engine galaxies.

A strong grasp of SEO best practices, familiarity with SEO Tools, and the ability to develop, implement, and evaluate content strategies that align with our clients' business goals are essential.

Self-sufficiency, quick learning, an eye for detail, and efficient learning are the traits we seek in our cosmic crew.

In return, we offer great salaries, a growth-oriented work culture, and out-of-this-world benefits that are sure to make you feel like you're walking on the moon.

The heart of Regex SEO is expressed in our brand essence - "We Care".

At Regex, we care about our clients, our teammates, the work we do, and, of course, you!

  • We value¬†Data over gut feelings¬†(let the numbers guide us!)
  • We value¬†Transparency¬†over image (that‚Äôs right, no secrets!)
  • We value¬†Solutions over problem-dwelling¬†(challenge accepted!)
  • We value¬†Enthusiasm over complacency¬†(let passion fuel us!)
  • We value¬†Mastery¬†in something over¬†mediocrity¬†in everything (you might even catch us doing a happy dance when we nail a project)

If you're looking for a team that's totally committed to delivering awesome results while having a blast doing it, then come join us! We promise you won't find a more caring, passionate, and downright awesome crew anywhere else.

Your Role

As our Senior Content Writer & Editor, you will undertake a multifaceted role that includes editing, writing, training, and process improvement responsibilities.

Content Review and Editing: In this aspect of your role as a Senior Content Writer & Editor, you will meticulously review and edit content to ensure clarity, style, grammar, and alignment with our clients' brand guidelines.

SEO Optimization: A significant focus will be on SEO optimization, where you'll enhance content for better search engine performance. This includes tasks such as keyword research, crafting meta descriptions, and optimizing URL structures.

User Intent and Competitor Analysis: Understanding user intent and conducting competitor analysis will be key in ensuring that content meets audience needs and remains competitive in the digital landscape.

Content Strategy: Collaboration is a cornerstone of your role, as you work closely with content creators, marketers, and other stakeholders to develop a content strategy that aligns with our business objectives and SEO best practices.

Analytics and Reporting: You'll be responsible for monitoring content performance using tools like Google Analytics and providing insights through reports on metrics such as organic traffic, rankings, and engagement.

Staying Updated: Keeping abreast of the latest SEO trends, tools, algorithms, and best practices is crucial to adapt to the ever-evolving SEO landscape and implement necessary changes based on updates in search engine algorithms.

Technical SEO and Quality Control: Collaboration with the technical team will be vital to ensure the website is optimized for SEO from a technical standpoint. Quality control will ensure all published content meets high-quality standards.

Outreach and Link Building: While not always a direct responsibility, you may also be involved in outreach initiatives for link-building purposes or collaborate with teams dedicated to this task.

Content Calendar Management: You will assist in planning and maintaining a content calendar to ensure content is timely, relevant, and optimized for search.

Training and Guidance: Providing training and guidance to content creators on SEO best practices is an integral part of your role.

Content Audits: Regularly auditing website content will help identify opportunities for optimization, updates, or removal to maintain a well-optimized digital footprint. Requirements.

Skills and Traits that Set You Apart

A candidate who will thrive in this position will demonstrate the following qualities and work practices

  • Lone Wolf Skills:¬†You are a self-sufficient problem solver who can take charge and find efficient solutions with little direction or guidance
  • Hyperdrive Learning Navigator:¬†Your agility in swiftly acquiring new knowledge, skills, and adapting to evolving industry trends is akin to navigating through the cosmos at lightspeed. You are a fast learner who thrives in dynamic, ever-changing environments.
  • Detail-Oriented Starmaker:¬†Your commitment to precision and meticulous attention to detail is exceptional. Like a starmaker in the night sky, you ensure that every aspect of your work shines brightly and aligns with the highest quality standards.
  • Laser-Focused Assimilator:¬†You have an uncanny ability to rapidly focus on the essential components of new information or skills, allowing you to learn efficiently and apply your knowledge effectively.

Experience Requirements (In order to be considered for this role, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements and qualifications)

  • A¬†bachelor's degree¬†in journalism, communications, English, marketing, or a closely related field is preferred. In the absence of a bachelor's degree, a¬†minimum¬†of¬†5 years¬†of experience in a professional role involving English language editing and writing is required.
  • Strong understanding of¬†SEO best practices, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link-building strategies.
  • Familiarity with¬†SEO tools¬†such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics
  • Awareness of¬†white-hat¬†and¬†black-hat SEO techniques¬†and the ability to differentiate and advocate for ethical SEO practices.
  • Strong command of the¬†English¬†language, grammar, and style.
  • Ability to edit for clarity, coherence, and consistency, while preserving the writer's voice.
  • Ability to verify facts, figures, and claims made within content.
  • Knowledge of how to conduct¬†keyword research¬†and¬†competitor analysis.
  • Familiarity (but not expert knowledge) with HTML, CSS, and content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).
  • Understanding how website architecture, internal linking, and other technical factors influence SEO.
  • Ability to interpret data and analytics to make informed content and SEO decisions.
  • Experience with tracking and improving metrics related to organic search traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.
  • Staying current with changes in search engine algorithms, emerging SEO trends, and best practices.
  • Ability to manage¬†multiple assignments¬†and¬†deadlines¬†efficiently and effectively.
  • Experience with content calendars, project management tools, and workflow coordination.
  • Strong communication skills¬†to collaborate with writers, designers, developers, and other team members.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Attention to detail, especially in spotting discrepancies or issues in content or formatting.
  • Experience or understanding of how to develop, implement, and evaluate a content strategy that aligns with business goals.
  • Willingness to attend workshops, webinars, and courses to continually upgrade their skills.
  • We highly value candidates who can provide evidence of their proficiency in SEO and content editing through a strong track record or a compelling portfolio featuring their previous work in this domain.


The Perks

  • 64 Days of Paid Time Off -¬†Including a paid 2 week holiday rest at the end of the year and monthly recharge days
  • Professional Development -¬†Budgets for courses, tools, tech, and conferences to help you grow your career
  • Mental Health Recharge -¬†We encourage team members to take 2 days off to recharge every month completely covered by the company
  • Paid Vacation -¬†We offer a minimum 1 week paid vacation. On top of a paid 2 week holiday rest at the end of the year.
  • Parental Leave -¬†We offer a paid 3 month paternity/maternity leave for new parents
  • Flexible Schedules -¬†You are free to create your own schedules as long as the work gets done
  • Fully Remote -¬†Our company is fully remote. If you prefer an office environment we will cover your coworking memberships. We can cover your internet too!
  • Profit Shares -¬†Profits are split amongst the whole team at the end of the year

Full list of benefits at: https://apply.workable.com/regexseocareers/ Earnings for this position range from $1800 to $2400/month


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