17 Best Writing Job Boards in 2024 (Freelance, Remote, Full-Time)

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on May 13, 2024
17 Best Writing Job Boards in 2024 (Freelance, Remote, Full-Time)

Content writing, especially freelancing jobs, is one of the most sought-after professions. For this reason, there are tons of job boards for freelance writers.

As a result of Covid-19 and the great resignation, there’s been a massive job vacancy in all parts of the world, which has led to an ever-increasing demand for freelance writers.

We all know what higher demand means: higher salaries.

The 2024 survey shows that the average content marketer earns $111,352, up 16% year-over-year.

Those who have struggled long enough with their low-paying jobs have now decided to become successful freelance writers and enjoy higher pay rates.

And the good thing about finding a writing career in the tech industry is that there are no limits. Technical writers, journalists, MFA graduates, editors, anyone can join.

You can use your journalism degree to work as a freelance copywriter or find freelance assignments on topics that interest you.

Where should you start your search? Which freelance copywriting job boards are good enough to land gigs and find legit writing jobs?

Check these top 17 writing job boards that can completely transform your writing experience.

From beginners to tech-savvy writers, everyone can find their place here.

1. Best Writing Jobs

That’s us! We launched Content Writing Jobs in 2020 and rebranded to Best Writing in 2022.

Best Writing Jobs

It has rapidly grown into one of the leading job boards for writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, and content creators.

With 100K+ monthly visitors, 23,000+ newsletter readers, and 385,000+ LinkedIn followers, Best Writing is now a well-known brand in the writing industry.

Instead of manually visiting job boards and spending too much time wading through an ocean of bad gigs, you can simply subscribe to our weekly newsletter (it’s free).

The newsletter is clear and concise, bringing together the best writing jobs worldwide.

If you’re new to the business, read our writing blog featuring incredible interviews, writing tips, and best practices.

Hiring? Post a job for $100 and reach hundreds of thousands of writers.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

There is every chance you have heard of LinkedIn. But did you know that about six people get hired every minute via LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform than a regular job board, but writing opportunities are nearly infinite.

LinkedIn creates a direct connection between you and the hiring company, making getting in touch with clients easier.

You can also filter your search based on your skill level, technical expertise, location, and type of contract (freelance, full-time, part-time, temporary).

With a well-optimized LinkedIn profile, you can receive an overwhelming number of writing jobs daily.

3. Peak Freelance Job Board

Peak Freelance job board is one of the best places to find writing gigs and freelance jobs. It’s designed to help you build your freelance writing skills. Members join an exclusive Slack group to share experiences, find jobs, and ask questions.

You can purchase a full-access membership for £39/month ($49/month). Members also get free access to all of Peak Freelance’s paid products, including handbooks, training courses, etc.

4. Superpath Job Board

Superpath is a free community with a Slack group that brings together like-minded content marketers, freelance writers, agencies, and in-house professionals in the content marketing field.

Pro membership costs $500/year, but the benefits are worth every penny. You’ll have access to Superpath’s marketplace, a talent pool for freelance writers.

You’ll also receive project invitations from brands and other companies.

5. Freelance Writers Den

Freelance Writers Den is an excellent environment for seasoned freelancers looking for well-paid jobs.

The membership costs $25/month, but you get everything, including excellent support and guidance from experienced members.

What sets this board apart is that you can find other writer resources with that subscription, including 300+ hours of training videos and recordings, 24/7 support forums, and multiple new training content each month.

6. ProBlogger Jobs

ProBlogger is an old acquaintance for many freelance writers, founded by Darren Rowse, a well-known blogger. Over time, it became a famous freelance writing job board with plenty of worthy postings.

Advertisers pay $80 for a 30-day posting, so you can be sure that the jobs posted are of excellent quality.

With 20+ jobs posted per week, there are plenty of job opportunities on the ProBlogger job board.

You can search for writing gigs using keywords like blogging, freelance, copywriter, SEO content writer, journalism jobs, etc.

7. Freelance Writing with Tim Newsletter

Freelancing with Tim is a newsletter run by former New York Times editor Tim Herrera designed primarily to help freelance writers navigate the world of journalism.

In addition to some complete pitching guides, he regularly shares gigs, interviews, and resources for pitching editors.

For $6/month or $60/year, you’ll receive an additional weekly newsletter and a list of jobs posted by notable companies.

You’ll also have access to the entire archive of Zoom panels and workshops, invitations to subscriber-only events, discounted access to paid educational seminars, and more.

8. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a platform for job listings, career advice, and the latest journalism news.

You can search for various specialized careers and get hired as a reporter, writer, editor, proofreader, or telecommute and freelance jobs.

Thanks to the customer reviews, brand popularity, competitive price, scope, and quality of the features offered, this has become one of the most popular writing job boards in the market.

C-Span, Fox News Channel, CNN, Wall Street Journal, PBS, and MSNBC are just some companies that have worked with this job board.

9. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a freelance writing job board with plenty of paid writing jobs.

It has long been an effective recruiting platform for content and media professionals where employers can post jobs in various media-related disciplines.

With 212+ jobs published weekly in multiple niches, you have a wide range of writing opportunities.

Mediabistro also offers free mini-courses on using Facebook ads, trends in social media, and collaborating with other influencers.

10. BloggingPro Jobs

If you’re looking for a freelance writing site with carefully selected job postings, BloggingPro is where you’ll find them.

Since 2006, BloggingPro has been helping bloggers and freelance writers of all levels become more successful.

BloggingPro offers straightforward, step-by-step guides and courses to start a career as a blogger.

You’ll learn surefire methods to expand your audience and increase engagement using the best blogging tools and services, alongside guaranteed creative techniques.

11. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a cloud-based content marketing platform that helps small to large businesses create web content and brand awareness.

ClearVoice has a diversified marketplace for writers and excellent customer support.

When you fill out your profile, you include your pay range, area(s) of expertise, and other relevant information.

Once you do this, you will receive notices and invitations and can apply for various freelance writing gigs.

12. SelectFew

Compared to other freelance job boards, SelectFew is a sophisticated technical system for modern marketing.

SelectFew allows freelancers to work with quality clients in a completely transparent approach with no white labeling or markups.

Talented and experienced writers can always find work with clients ranging from startups to venture-backed to Fortune 500.

To get started, you’ll need to create a standard resume, cover letter, and a web-based portfolio.

13. Gotham Ghostwriters

Gotham Ghostwriters is a world-class, full-service writing agency with extensive industry relationships with literary agents, publishers, media outlets, PR, and marketing consultants.

Dan Gerstein, President of Gotham Ghostwriters, is a battle-tested communications strategist and nationally-recognized political commentator with a successful resume in the writing business.

With 2,500+ editorial specialists and 20,000 freelance writers, it’s the perfect place to match ghostwriters with high-profile clients.

14. Working in Content

Working in Content is a hub for finding numerous jobs in content strategy, design, marketing, and UX.

Working in Content offers a free newsletter with exceptional expert interviews, resources, and the latest job listings.

Job boards like Working in Content play an essential role in opening opportunities to a broader pool of candidates and matching you with the next member of your content team.

Small agencies can use this opportunity to expand their business network and gain exposure in their niche market.

15. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ) is a thoroughly curated job search for online freelance writers owned by Splashpress Media.

The platform filters various freelance writing websites to create diverse job listings with great writing gigs.

FWJ updates the list of freelance writing jobs every weekday, so you will constantly receive new job offers.

Nonetheless, you must work hard as a freelance writer to pitch yourself for job opportunities in a competitive environment.

16. All Things Freelance Writing

All Things Freelance Writing (ATFW) is a community for freelance writers, founded by Jessica Walrack, a freelance journalist/blogger of 10+ years. Through its job board, weekly jobs email, podcast, blog, forum, and social media channels, it helps writers build their ideal businesses.

If you’re on the hunt for new freelance writing clients, ATFW will do some of the gig-searching for you (free)! Every Friday you’ll find at least 20 open calls for freelance writers posted on the ATFW job board.

If you’d rather have the leads come to you, you can sign up for the free ATFW jobs email that’s sent every Friday morning at 8 AM EST. It includes five standout jobs from the week, a link to the job board, and other helpful tips/resources for writers.

17. 4 Day Week

4dayweek.io is the world’s largest job board for jobs with a 4-day work week. Founded by Phil McParlane during the height of the pandemic, the job board only lists jobs with a great work-life balance – typically a 32-hour work week at 100% pay.

All jobs are 100% remote or hybrid remote, with a bias toward tech roles, e.g., software engineers, product managers, data scientists, etc. The 4-day-week movement is still fairly niche, but most companies are making the switch every week. There are now over 300 companies that have a 4-day work week (36 hours or less) on the platform.

FAQ About Writing Job Boards

Below are answers to some of the most common questions.

How much money can you make as a content writer?

The average salary of a content writer in the United States is $60,383/year or $29.03/hour. While the top 10% earn up to $83,000 and sometimes more, the bottom 10% of the spectrum come in at about $43,000/year.

The geographic location used to play a role in determining content writers’ salaries, but remote work has completely changed the picture.

One of the best things about being a content writer is that it doesn’t matter where you are. You can make just as much money anywhere in the world as a writer in New York, Sydney, or London.

What qualifications do I need to be a content writer?

If you have good writing skills or relevant experience writing books, blogs, novels, etc., you probably won’t need anything else to be a content writer. Nonetheless, these qualifications can help you leverage better deals with your clients:

  • An undergraduate degree in communications, marketing, English, journalism, or a closely related field.
  • A proven track record of writing content and copy.
  • A practical understanding of content management systems.
  • Experience in using all Microsoft Office applications.
  • A credible and diverse portfolio of published writing.
  • First-class writing and editing skills.
  • Adaptability to a fast-paced environment.
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Cooperative communication skills.

What type of writing pays the most?

Top writers in any field of writing are well paid. Therefore, perhaps the best advice is to excel in the area of writing that appeals to you the most. If writing is your passion, you should focus on the topics that excite you the most.

At the same time, try to improve your writing skills and closely observe how world-class writers create and edit their content.

Two types of writing are at the top of the list: technical writing and speech writing. They require a thorough understanding of the field and the work environment and solid writing skills.

Is there a future in content writing?

Undoubtedly. Content writing is a relatively new industry, but it has expanded to almost every field. Every business needs content writers to maintain a high level of brand awareness with blog posts, an effective social media presence, and brand image building.

And remember, copywriting is an attractive goal for content writers, but it’s not the only one. From political campaigns and speechwriting to journalism, news, fiction, and nonfiction, there’s an urgent need for well-trained, articulate, and experienced writers.

That won’t change in the future.

How do beginner writers make money?

There are plenty of ways to make money with your writing. Here are 4:

  1. Starting a blog
  2. Sign up for a content writing website
  3. Apply for a copywriting job
  4. Write fan-fiction for your favorite books

How do I start a career in content creation?

Content writing is more than putting a few words together. To become a pro content writer, follow these steps:

  1. Pick your market niche and research the target audience.
  2. Invest in your unique voice and writing style.
  3. Have a vision and develop S.M.A.R.T. social media and business goals.
  4. Invest in your online presence and build a supportive community.
  5. Establish an efficient system to manage your workflow.
  6. Never stop learning.

And if you see things are going well, maybe buckle up and start running a freelance writing business.

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