Full List of Writer Job Titles With Descriptions (2024)

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on April 27, 2024
The Complete List of Writer Job Titles With Short Descriptions

If you have the writing skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines, you are already qualified to impress many clients.

Knowing more than one language is a big plus for a content creator because it expands your search area.

If you’re new to this field, know one thing: with such a wide range of writer job titles and career paths, you can begin anywhere and gradually work your way up.

The best part is that you can find a job that’s perfect for your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time, or freelance position.

Let’s look at some of the most popular writer job titles with short descriptions of their job duties and average salaries.

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Content Writer

Every business needs creative, responsible writers who are highly skilled in researching and writing digital content like blogs and articles.

Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing methods can help you collect and organize new and relevant data.

Main duties:

  • Web site content creation
  • Blog posts and article writing
  • eBooks, whitepapers, and reports creation
  • Evaluating analytics to adjust content as needed

Average salary: $67,120 – $74,650

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Technical Writer

Technical writing is in high demand. After all, turning complex technical concepts into understandable content is no easy task. A technical writer/technical copywriter designs and develops software manuals, user-friendly texts for user interfaces, white papers, and other technical writing pieces.

Main duties:

  • Software specifications analysis
  • Product guides development
  • Testing user guides
  • Creating scripts for video tutorials

Average salary: $74,650

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A copywriter writes short advertising material intended for marketing or other promotional purposes.

An advertising copywriter must be persuasive because the ultimate goal is to persuade people to buy a particular product or service.

Main duties:

  • Creating compelling copy for online, print, radio, or television advertisements
  • Directing sales copy creation
  • Conversion rate optimization

Average salary: $67,120

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UX Writer

Researching, strategizing, and writing the microcopy for an app, website, or other digital product – that’s what UX writers do. UX writing is more technical, so you must have sufficient experience in design, engineering, or other relevant areas.

Main duties:

  • Creating an intuitive and easy-to-use UX
  • Enhancing customer retention
  • Driving organic search traffic

Average salary: $112,726

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Content Designer

Content designers create, evaluate, update and review the content at all stages of the end-to-end user journey.

A content designer must have good writing skills and be willing to learn. Content design is evidence-based, so a logical mind is a huge plus.

Main duties:

  • Understanding user needs and usability issues
  • Upgrading content according to recent data
  • Building key content and content design deliverables

Average salary: $89,965

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SEO Writer

SEO writers use search engine optimization strategies to improve a website’s ranking. Keyword density and prominence, tone, style, and readability are essential elements when writing SEO copy.

Main duties:

  • Elevate a website’s placement in a search engine result.
  • Driving organic traffic to the site
  • Writing high-quality content

Average salary: $42,093

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Content Strategist/Content Marketer

Every company has specific objectives and needs. The strategist’s main job is to develop a content strategy consistent with achieving those goals. A content strategist/content marketer helps plan, design, edit and publish relevant content that shapes the brand image.

Main duties:

  • Boosting brand awareness and credibility
  • Turning ideas into actionable business plans
  • managing social media campaigns

Average salary: $76,412

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Scientific Writer

A scientific writer is often a combination of a journalist, a researcher, and a reporter who follows news and trends in the field of science. They may work with companies, professional publications, specialist scientific and technical journals, television, radio, etc.

Main duties:

  • Providing straightforward, concise, and cohesive content
  • Conducting comparative research and analysis
  • Staying tuned on the recent research and scientific discoveries

Average salary: $70,947

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Medical Writer

Medical writing is a highly lucrative subfield of scientific writing.

Medical writers communicate evidence-based clinical medical findings to a wide range of audiences. Their audience may include physicians, patients, regulatory authorities, or the general public.

Main duties:

  • Providing educational materials for HCPs, including slides, posters, and speaker briefs
  • Writing, reviewing, and proofreading materials to ensure quality and scientific accuracy
  • Regularly updating the company’s newsletters

Average salary: $67,033

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A ghostwriter is an experienced and usually freelance writer hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts for another person. The ghostwriter receives money but no credit for the work produced.

Main duties:

  • Writing blog posts, books, nonfiction books, and memoirs
  • Replicating the client’s style and voice in writing
  • Conveying the client’s ideas without distortion

Average salary: $55,509

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Business Writer

Business Writers convey relevant information to the reader in a clear, concise, and cohesive manner. The writing format and structure might include client proposals, reports, memos, emails, and notices.

Main duties:

  • Data collection and research
  • Identifying key trends
  • Offering actionable plans and proposals to the leaders

Average salary: $77,617

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Resume Writer

As the name implies, resume writers prepare resumes or a list of qualifications of an applicant seeking a job. They write resumes highlighting their client’s skills, experience, and accomplishments to make the best impression on employers.

Main duties:

  • Listen to client career goals and professional situations
  • Write/edit professional resumes
  • Constructive and selective use of keywords to prioritize client’s skills and experiences

Average salary: $53,844

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Creative Writer

Creative writers construct clients’ books, scripts, essays, or various texts. They use their experience and imagination to write stories, poems, and other literary works and typically work as a freelance writer.

Main duties:

  • Create content using various multimedia formats
  • Ensuring the logical flow of all writing produced
  • Conducting research and thorough fact-checks when necessary

Average salary:  $59,818

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Every show needs a screenwriter. They allow viewers to imagine the story setting and feel the emotions. Screenwriters prepare their scripts with producers, TV directors, and actors. They usually work as freelancers and on a tight schedule.

Main duties:

  • Develop original ideas
  • Write or adapt a story into a script
  • Establish practical and creative cooperation with producers and actors

Average salary: $66,011

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Reporters are responsible for delivering updates and analyzing current events. Journalism often involves extensive research and writing informative news articles and stories about actual events from an unbiased perspective.

Main duties:

  • Collecting and analyzing verifiable information
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts
  • Interviewing knowledgeable sources

Average salary: $54,052

👉 News Writing Jobs


Columnists’ and bloggers’ responsibilities range from writing an article to offering commentary and opinions. Columns can appear anywhere from newspapers and magazines to online publications such as blogs.

Main duties:

  • Generating and pitching ideas for a column or post
  • Writing, editing, publishing, and promoting content
  • Educating the targeted audience about products or services

Average salary: $53,172

👉 Blogging Jobs

Managing Editor/Editor-in-Chief

A Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief creates content strategies and monitors implementation processes.

To be a Managing Editor, you need excellent communication skills to efficiently manage a team of writers, editors, graphic designers, and more.

Main duties:

  • Editing day-to-day publications
  • Assigning tasks to each team member
  • Hiring, training, and supervising personnel

Average salary: $94,986

👉 Editorial Writing Jobs

Grant Writer

a Grant Writer will identify, define and develop funding sources to support a program or idea. They oversee the development and submission of proposals and grants to external funding agencies.

Main duties:

  • Gathering and formatting information
  • Identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs
  • Writing well-researched drafts and convincing proposals

Average salary: $74,858

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Sportswriters create articles or engaging and informative news stories about sports events. Sports writers must be intimately familiar with athletes, teams, and their stories. Attending press conferences, games, or other events is a joyful necessity in this industry.

Main duties:

  • Covering sports news for digital and print media publications
  • Follow sports media outlets and collect information
  • Conducting interviews

Average salary: $38,013

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PR Writer/Publicist

If you are interested in public relations, this is a perfect position. As a public relations writer, your primary role will be to write promotional content to enhance public relations or to communicate content to stakeholders.

Main duties:

  • Publishing press releases for events
  • Establishing efficient internal communications with employees
  • Monitoring social media publications and public projects

Average salary: $62,868

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Speechwriting is a self-explanatory job title. You have to develop and write speeches, briefings, and other communications for executives. The most critical part is translating their ideas, goals, and philosophy into the message.

Main duties:

  • Preparing speeches suited to the audience
  • Adjusting according to client feedback
  • Expert-level knowledge of the subject matter

Average salary: $140,520

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Academic Writer

Unlike creative writing, academic writing is clear, concise, focused, structured, and backed up by evidence. Writers in academic circles should be able to share ideas, information, and research findings with a wider academic audience.

Main duties:

  • Browsing various sources, including the internet, for any given topic
  • Learning different academic styles of writing
  • Proofreading, editing, and revising academic content

Average salary: $55,509

👉 Academic Writing Jobs

Writing Instructor

Writing instructors have a somewhat different job than the others listed here. Instead of writing, they teach the basics of writing, including grammar skills, sentence structure, writing processes, and techniques.

Main duties:

  • Instruct courses focused on specialized writing
  • Giving lectures on topics of language and literature.
  • Helping students apply appropriate writing skills

Average salary: $53,553

👉 Writing Editing Jobs

Curriculum Writer

Curriculum writers are usually experienced teachers, professors, or academic administrators specializing in instructional and educational designs.

They help teachers develop instructional materials and activities for the classroom.

Main duties:

  • Designing curricula, course outlines, and lesson plans
  • Reviewing textbooks

Average salary: $65,277

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Travel Writer

A travel writer’s job is to travel and write about it. Skilled travel writers usually develop stories and collect photos for tourism-related journalism.

Main duties:

  • Writing travel articles, blog posts, and other content
  • Interviewing local residents
  • Reviewing potential travel destinations

Average salary: $58,061

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Lifestyle Writer

Lifestyle writing is an exciting job covering stories of positive habits and practices. Lifestyle writers are usually passionate about their work: health, fitness, organizing an efficient workspace, or managing a studying schedule.

Main duties:

  • Explore different ways of living
  • Offering real-world solutions

Average salary: $59,144

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Script Writer

A scriptwriter is a skilled writer who produces scripts for different purposes, including for a commercial, a film, or an on-stage play.

Main duties:

  • Cooperate with film executives to pitch ideas
  • Edit and adjust the script
  • Combine visual elements with plot and dialogue

Average salary: $61,008

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If someone tells you that a career in writing has no future, they have no idea what they are talking about.

The number of writing-related professions is soaring in all industries. And as far as we can tell, there will be no slowing down.

But you must keep up the good work, look for job opportunities, connect with reliable clients, and get feedback from a supportive and educated community. We offer you the whole package. So stay tuned!

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