10 Types Of Online Writing (Descriptions, Skills and Jobs)

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on April 3, 2024
10 Types Of Online Writing (Descriptions, Skills and Jobs)

Writing has many applications, especially when it comes to online writing.

These types may look overwhelmingly difficult to understand or track down. But fret not, as our top 10 list explains some of the most sought-after writing types in the freelancing world.

The list also describes each writing job, writing style, structure, and essential skills needed for that category.

Read until the end for a few bonus categories worth exploring.

Technical Writing

Technical writing can sound intimidating, but it can be a relatively intuitive line of writing with the right knowledge. With technical writing, writers are expected to study, read, research, and document complex technical implications in layman’s language for an average reader’s consumption.

Technical writing needs writers to read and research things like admin manuals, reports, technical literature, and complex modules. Many fields like robotics, biotechnology, aeronautics, chemistry, hardware, software, and engineering need technical writers to bridge the gap between complex concepts and readers.

There is always a demand for skilled technical writers, given the complexity of this type of online writing.

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Content Types

  • White papers
  • How-to articles
  • E-books
  • Reports and explanation
  • User manuals


Writers need robust or specialized knowledge of the respective technical field. This writing type is ideal for writers who thoroughly enjoy technical and complex concepts.


👉 Technical Writing Jobs


Ghostwriting refers to writing on someone else’s behalf. The published work is credited to “someone else” instead of the writer.

Typical ghostwriting jobs are related to book and article writing. Many CEOs or CTOs hire writers to tell their stories in a well-crafted way that their fans, admirers, or readers shall enjoy. Ghostwriting can also involve blogs, e-books, newsletters, and much more.

Usually, ghostwriters cannot link the finished work in their public portfolios, but they can discuss how they can share their work with clients ahead of time.

Content Types

  • Flash fiction
  • Books
  • Lyrics
  • E-books
  • E-guides
  • Blogs
  • Email content
  • Newsletters
  • Resumes


To write on their behalf, you need to understand a person’s raw personality or topic’s nuances. Writers are also expected to stay anonymous.

Feature Writing

Feature writing is undoubtedly one of the most creative styles of content writing from all types of online writing. Feature writing involves various topics, including lifestyle, food, travel, politics, culture, tech, and much more.

This type of writing is mainly related to human interest stories. One must note that even editorial writing comes under this topic, where writers analyze and interpret various current events to write their options under their name.

Content Types

  • Columns
  • Op-eds
  • Features
  • Blogs
  • Short stories
  • Poems
  • Satires


Crafting features requires excellent observation skills and the ability to create angles for any topic. They should also possess a strong writing style that can fascinate readers.

Report and Case Study Writing

Corporations and big businesses often hire writers to write in-depth reports and case studies. The goal is to drive profit, so writers must craft their content accordingly.

These reports are usually lengthy and require considerable research and knowledge of the client’s industry. On the other hand, a case study is a pure marketing document that studies a particular brand, product, or campaign to tell a story with facts and figures.

Content Types

  • Case Study
  • Report Writing


Writers need to have strong research and writing skills.

SEO Writing

SEO writing is one of the most sought-after writing categories because of its direct implications on website ranking. SEO writing aims to help websites reach the highest-ranking position in the Google search result.

Many writers are also skilled SEO professionals who research the relevant keywords and then fit them into the blogs and website pages.

Content Types

  • Blogs
  • Website content
  • Description writing


SEO content writers should be comfortable using keywords and maintaining a balance between length and originality.

Business Writing

Business or communication writing is where writers create write-ups related to the business.

To bring justice to the report, one needs to be familiar with the business. Since the client can ask writers to write anything from sales proposals to memos, one needs to learn the structure of these write-ups in advance.

Content Types

  • Official emails
  • Memos
  • Sales Proposals
  • RFPs
  • White Papers
  • Speeches


Writers in business should be up-to-date with the current news and trends. They should also have great research skills and a talent for formal writing.

Press Release Writing

Because of its vast applications, press release writing has become separate from corporate and business writing.

Many writers are press release experts, carefully forming the write-ups containing information related to newly signed mergers, new departments, new products, business expansion, etc.

The tone of this writing is very formal and needs to be concise. However, many press releases have an underlying sales agenda, so writers need to keep that in mind.

Content Types

  • Long press releases
  • Short press releases


As the information is always time-sensitive, writers need to prepare press releases as needed. They should also understand the nuances of business and formal writing in detail.


Copywriting is a vast category that involves writing copy for the sole purpose of selling products or services. A good writer has the power to use sales innuendo in a way that attracts readers without sounding sales-oriented.

Copywriting is mainly done to persuade the readers to take action, so the writing needs to be punchy, to the point, and very creative. However, writers should remember that copywriting is pretty demanding and competitive.

Content Types

  • Jingles
  • Web Copies
  • Banners
  • Product Descriptions
  • Slogans
  • Emails
  • Scripts


Successful copywriters have the talent of creativity and an innate interest in the sales and branding side of the business. Copywriters need an excellent grasp of the latest trends and can churn out catchy phrases in no time.

Social Media Writing

As brands recognize the importance of becoming connected on social media platforms, the need for social media writing experts has surged.

Social media writing can be fun and thrilling if you enjoy brands’ fast-paced environment and creative liberty. An excellent social media writer needs to blend an important message via short copy using fun, exciting words.

Many brands keep a dedicated writer to write their tweets, Instagram captions, and emails, while a few brands prefer writers who can write blog posts, other types of write-ups, and social media copy.

Content Types

  • Captions
  • Tweets
  • Sales information
  • Youtube video descriptions
  • Video scripts
  • Bio writing


A social media writer needs to explain concepts in a few punchy words. This category is an excellent option for quick-witted writers.

Journalism News Writing

A news writer must pen down all the daily happenings before the news travels to the public. A good news writer needs to inform readers about the latest event as soon as possible without any factual mistakes.

The content writing style in this category needs to be unbiased. Additionally, writers should be adept at working in a fast-paced environment with total concentration.

This category requires tight writing compared to feature writing. Most prominent and small news publishing companies need highly dedicated freelance news writers.

Content Types

  • Hard News
  • Long Reports
  • Short Reports


A news writer should be able to meet tight deadlines. They should also be able to present the news completely unbiasedly to readers.

Other writing categories worth mentioning

Apart from the 10 types mentioned above, we would like to add a few more types of online writing in high demand.

The types discussed below require dedicated research and thorough knowledge of the given industry:


We hope our list of 10 online writing categories helped you understand various writing categories available for today’s writers.

Each writing category has unique rules, pros, and cons, so we highly recommend writers study each topic in detail to make the right choice.

Lastly, if you’re getting started as a writer, you should begin with general categories and focus on specific high-paying types that fit your skill set.

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