13 Best SEO Content Writing Services in 2024

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on June 18, 2024
Best SEO Content Writing Services in 2024

Have you been scrolling around the endless internet websites in search of the best SEO content writing services? And with the abundance of information, do you still think there’s no way to find out where to find a dedicated SEO content writer? Or which content writing companies are trustworthy?

You’re not entirely wrong.

Finding professional writers with expertise who can provide you with high-quality, informative content on time can be a lengthy process.

Since the economy has been shaky for almost two years due to the pandemic, freelancers are among the most sought-after professionals in the job market.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find an SEO writer to take care of your web pages and write engaging and compelling content for your social media or blog posts.

We’ve compiled a list of the best SEO content writing services based on their glowing reviews and highly specialized service.

13 SEO Content Writing Services with Glowing Reviews

There are several things you should consider when hiring an SEO content writing service.

High-quality writing is central to turning your website visitors into customers. The agency’s credibility is also important. After all, it’s a collaboration, and you should be able to trust them in terms of reliability of data, meeting deadlines, etc.

The budget also has a say in the SEO content writing services you can get.

SEO agencies with suspiciously low prices will rarely give you a satisfactory result. Even if you’re working with a shoe-string budget, you should look for medium-sized agencies and tailored solutions matching your expectations.

One more thing to add: we’ve already done most of the work for you.

The agencies listed below either have an excellent team of writers, editors, and managers or provide a platform to find brilliant SEO talent on the market.

Still, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to business content marketing strategies.

Check out testimonials, reviews, and customer feedback to ensure your final choice is the best bet.

Now let’s get to the juicy part. πŸ‘‡


Ciceroe revolutionizes blog content creation by automating the entire process from topic sourcing to publishing.

Leveraging advanced AI tools and human oversight, Ciceroe delivers high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts tailored to improve your site’s visibility and traffic.

Their sophisticated algorithms identify trending topics and relevant keywords, while expert writers craft engaging posts.

AI-powered content curation and editing ensures error-free, optimized content. With flexible, tailored plans and no long-term contracts, Ciceroe guarantees satisfaction and measurable results.

For businesses looking to streamline their content strategy in a few clicks and enhance their online presence, Ciceroe is the ideal solution. Simply choose a plan, and Ciceroe is ready to go.


Blog Post Creation Plans:

  • Standard ($250/blog post): Partially outsourced to Ciceroe.
    • Content strategy development
    • Blog post creation and curation. Choose from a range of frequencies (Monthly, weekly etc.)
    • Basic formatting
    • Delivery of post via Google Docs
  • Premium ($300/blog post): Fully outsourced to Ciceroe.
    • Everything in the Standard plan
    • Royalty free image sourcing
    • 3rd party formatting using software tools that your current website leverages such as Bloggle.
    • Publish posts on your site, on your behalf. This is optional.

πŸ’°Β Ciceroe pricing information


ClearVoice is a cloud-based content marketing solution, assisting small to large digital marketing agencies with web content creation and business campaign building to increase brand awareness.

ClearVoice primarily serves as a marketplace for clients seeking content creation in the web marketing field, including high-quality content, graphics, coding, etc.

It’s a powerful tool for content marketing agencies that need a centralized platform to review content, analyze search volume and prepare the right target keywords and information for their campaigns.

ClearVoice enables teams to communicate better and collaborate on content creation and editing processes, brand guidelines, and keywords for target audience analysis.



πŸ’° ClearVoice pricing information

The Blogsmith

If you are looking for an SEO content agency to get your website ranked in the top search engine results pages, The Blogsmith could be your best bet. From content creation and content marketing to blog page development and design, Maddy Osman, the founder of The Blogsmith, and her team will take care of everything you need.

Blogsmith provides high-quality content based on your company’s expertise, voice, and customer’s journey using unique topics and in-depth research. You can create actionable briefs with research-based title suggestions and primary/secondary SEO keywords.


Blog article writing services start at 0.75$ per word.

  • $0.75/word for blog articles (save $0.15/word with retainer pricing)
  • $1/word for copywriting
  • $200/hour for content strategy consulting

πŸ’° The Blogsmith pricing information


nDash is the world’s first content community platform. It serves as a middleman between freelance writers, brands, or businesses needing in-house content creation.

Writers set up a profile on the site to showcase their writing samples and portfolios and their topic and category specialties.

nDash helps marketers develop compelling topics, streamline the content creation process, and stand out from the competition. It’s a beneficial opportunity for experienced writers, as nDash works with companies (primarily in the U.S.) who understand that quality writing and marketing deserve good rewards.



πŸ’° nDash pricing information


Skyword is a highly dynamic, powerful, and skill-based content marketing platform with excellent customizable tools that you can apply to any digital marketing strategy.

They have a top-of-the-line team of editors who help shape a unique voice tailored to your brand.

Skyword runs an on-demand creative talent network connecting brands with specialized writers, creatives, practitioners, and experts.

It allows brands to unleash their creative ambitions and achieve results with flexible and comprehensive content solutions.


Skyword charges a fixed rate per word, with the most common price being $250/mo for 300 words.

πŸ’° Skyword pricing information


Peak is the brainchild of two in-demand professional freelancers, Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan. They founded this content marketing agency to help B2B SaaS, e-commerce, and technology companies increase their lead generation and online visibility.

Unlike most agencies that charge a fortune, Peak has assembled a top-notch content marketing team based on your own goals, content, and industry, and at a fair price. From management to content creation to SEO strategy, a highly skilled team handles every step of the way. So you can be sure you’ll get your consistent, high-quality content on time.


The minimum project rate is $5,000/mo.

πŸ’° Peak pricing information

Growth Machine

Growth Machine is an SEO and content marketing agency trusted by Y Combinator startups, growing companies, and Fortune 500 brands to attract organic traffic.

The agency can handle the entire process, from planning to content writing, search engine optimization, and link building.

Growth Machine founder and CEO Nat Eliason is a blogger, entrepreneur, and well-known content marketing expert. He has assembled a multidisciplinary team of marketers, editors, strategists, and SEO experts to create the content that will get your business on the first page of Google.


Growth Machine charges $250 for The Writer Finder service offering 3-5 samples from writers skilled in your niche, with a 3 business day turnaround.

πŸ’° Growth Machine pricing information


Compose.ly is one of the most reliable article writing services. You might pay a higher price for their content, but the quality of the content you receive undoubtedly makes up for it. Compose.ly writers are responsive, highly skilled, and knowledgeable and will help you with all types of writing, from blog articles to whitepapers, press releases, product descriptions, etc.

Compose.ly also offers keyword research and content briefs to create search engine optimized content. The perfect combination of SEO content writing services and search engine optimization will boost your website’s search rankings and lead generation.


Service fees vary depending on the client’s needs.

  • Self-service membership costs about $74.95 per 500-word article.
  • The managed subscription service starts at $999/mo.

πŸ’° Compose.ly pricing information


Scribly is one of the most popular SEO content writing services that help you drive traffic and generate leads with little effort. Scribly has a dedicated and professional team that handles the entire content marketing process, from SEO target keyword research to creating a content strategy.

Scribly offers scalable content marketing services for a broader range of businesses, from agencies to SaaS startups, e-commerce brands, healthcare products, and more. Many companies that have already worked with Scribly.io strongly confirm that the quality of their copy is genuinely exceptional.


You can choose between 3 plans depending on your SEO strategy.

  • $599/mo (2K words)
  • $1,450/mo (6.5K words)
  • $4,300/mo (20K words)

πŸ’° Scribly pricing information

Grow and Convert

Grow and Convert is one of the most recommended SEO writing services, where the agency takes over your business website completely. They produce high-quality content that drives qualified traffic and conversions (leads, sales, trials, and signups).

Outsourcing your entire content strategy and execution is an excellent investment. You can use extensively researched content ideas that appeal to your target audience and benefit from high-quality link building on a large scale. Affordable rates, impressive results, and a flexible approach make working with The Grow and Convert content marketing agency much more fun and cost-effective.


The Grow and Convert charges $10K/month for the standard service and an extra $5K/month for link building service.

πŸ’° Grow and Convert pricing information

Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing agency that offers various SEO content writing services, from blog posts and SEO articles to press releases, white papers, product descriptions, and much more.

In-depth, evidence-based, well-structured, and engaging content will rank you high in Google search results.

If you’ve just launched your startup or need to take your business to the next level, there’s a lot of work to be done. Your thriving business must get high-quality content regularly without missing out on deadlines. Writing Studio won’t let you down.


Service fees range from $0.15 to $0.20 per word, depending on the order volume.

  • $0.20/word (1-10K words)
  • $0.16/word (10-100K words)
  • $0.15/word (100K+ words)

πŸ’° Writing Studio pricing information


Hiring writers can be challenging. Hiring excellent writers with technical expertise is much more complicated. If you’re in the tech industry, it’s best to add skilled professionals to your business.

ContentLab has a team of thinkers, creators, editors, animators, designers, and writers who can help you with that.

ContentLab is one of the most professional SEO writing services specializing in high-quality SEO-friendly articles, tutorials, courses, and marketing materials for leading companies in the tech industry.

They structure content creation workflows and keep the process lightweight. You’ll have access to a team with a customized dashboard that allows you to monitor your projects in real-time.


ContentLab has personalized packages based on your content needs. Reach out to them and find out what suits you the best.

πŸ’° ContentLab pricing information


Foundation is a content marketing agency supporting business-to-business (B2B) SaaS brands. Ross Simmonds (Foundation’s CEO) and his team combine qualitative and quantitative data to understand the competitive landscape, brand opportunities, content trends, and growth channels for emerging entrepreneurs.

Foundation takes the pressure off by offering a comprehensive package: content strategy and research, creation, distribution, marketing and auditing, and evaluation – basically, everything you need.


Foundation offers tailored solutions based on your digital marketing priorities. Book a consultation and see how they can help you achieve your goals.

πŸ’° Foundation pricing information


If you are looking for the perfect places to find content writers, this list should do the trick. Just remember to update your blog regularly. These SEO writing services can get it done whether you need blog content, landing page content, email copy, or anything else.

It’s undeniable that content marketing is the key to success in today’s digital marketing. A well-thought-out content strategy will boost your search rankings, bring more website visitors to your pages, improve your brand awareness, and put your business on the growth path. So don’t hesitate to shape your future.

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