Best Writing Tablets

Isabella Russi Gallon
June 27, 2024
best writing tablets

Writers need a trusty tablet that can chaperone them at any place for when the writing inspiration strikes. Often, carrying a laptop can be a hassle, given its size. But a sleek tablet gives the writer any laptop’s processing power with a smartphone’s compact portability.

Thus, these tablets are excellent at giving the best of both worlds for editors, writers, students, or novelists alike.

Bear in mind that finding a genuinely suitable model is no less work than finding a needle in a haystack. Thus, to help you with your tablet search, we have researched and recommended five of the best writing tablets on the market. We have compared and tested each tablet’s response rate, pressure sensitivity, stylus response, keyboard adaptability, refresh rate, screen size, and quality to bring the most power-packed model for your writing session. We also recommend reading our FAQ section to shed light on the nuances of writing tablets in detail.

#Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7 Writing Tablet

Product summary 

Our winning product, The Samsung Galaxy S7 Writing Tablet, is genuinely one of the best tablets for writing. You can get things done with their expandable keyboard and a decent built-in memory for storing thousands of documents and media with ease. This tablet is backed with a long-lasting battery life that lasts an entire day of scribbling and typing. Additionally, its redesigned S pen is smoother and lag-free than ever. We highly recommend this model for writers looking for an all-rounder Samsung tablet.

Product review

Samsung has manufactured a powerful Galaxy S7 tablet for seasoned writers and note-takers alike. You can transform this tablet into a highly functional device by attaching a keyboard without compromising its portability. Their keyboard with an expanded trackpad works flawlessly, giving you a tactile feel while writing your essential documents or notes. However, writers need to purchase their keyboards separately. Unwinding from a day of constant writing calls for high-quality entertainment, and this tablet is here to serve. With cinematic viewing of an edge-to-edge display, AKG quad speakers, with Dolby Atmos Surround sound, you are bound to experience media in high quality. The TFT LCD screen gives a crisp display for reading, making it the best LCD writing tablet on the market.

The most intuitive feature is the flagship S pen with an impressive 9ms pen latency for taking quicker notes with more precision. The tablet comes with Samsung notes and Office apps, perfect for all writers. Handwriting to text notes synchronization is another feature that comes in handy for writers, editors, and students. Its impressive charging capacity lets you have an uninterrupted writing experience, and you can sync or share the documents and write-ups with other Samsung devices. Lastly, its “touch-unlock” features help keep your writing and data secure and safe.


  • Brand: ‎Samsung Electronics
  • Screen Size: ‎11 Inches
  • Operating System: ‎Android 10.0
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB


  • You will experience minimum lag from the stylus.
  • It has a decent refresh rate.
  • An edge-to-edge screen makes it easy to read.
  • Faster charging for busy individuals.
  • The stylus S pen doesn’t need charging.
  • This Galaxy S7 is keyboard compatible.


  • This tablet doesn’t have an audio jack, so the device isn’t compatible with wired earphones.
  • You may experience quicker screen scratching or cracking.
  • The tablet lags during extensively quick swipes and taps.

#Runnerup: Samsung A7 Lite Writing Tablet

Product summary 

Our runner-up, the Samsung A7 Lite Writing Tablet, is a suitable model for Samsung enthusiast writers who wish to own a fully functional tablet without shelling extra money. This product is relatively affordable and comes with a decent range of features that help you stay productive throughout the day. Its sleek design and impressively compact screen size are ideal for people who dislike lugging heavy devices everywhere they go.

Product review

This Samsung A7 Lite Writing Tablet stays true to its name because of this device’s compact and lightweight nature. Its tiny 8.7-inch screen, along with its slim design, is perfect for carrying around in a backpack without feeling the extra weight. You can pull out this sleek tablet and start jotting down your ideas without compromising your work productivity. Its sturdy metal frame gives lasting protection, giving writers the freedom to handle this device roughly. The tablet’s 32 GB internal storage with up to 1 TB expandable storage is perfect for writers who love storing every single media piece they come across. Samsung points out that this tablet is manufactured to give a smooth typing or scrolling experience. Additionally, writers can concentrate on fulfilling their deadlines with the tablet’s powerful battery backup and compatible keyboard design.

This tablet is for writers who usually work on more giant screens but need a handy device to keep them company on the go. The product is relatively affordable and would surely not make a big hole in your pocket. The display resolution is a decent 1340 x 800 px that lets you enjoy the media in decent quality. You will also receive all the standard Samsung inbuilt apps and their classic features to satisfy your creative urge with each use.

We recommend purchasing this tablet with the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Book Cover for additional safety and mounting convenience.


  • Brand: ‎Samsung Electronics
  • Screen Size: ‎8.7 Inches
  • Operating System: ‎Android 11
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB


  • Its slim and lightweight design fits exceptionally in handbags or backpacks.
  • The tablet is affordable and serves its purpose effectively.
  • This lightweight tablet is keyboard compatible.
  • Writers can enjoy being productive with the inbuilt Samsung apps.
  • Decent battery life keeps you in work mode for the entire day.
  • It comes with a headphone jack that was lacking in the Galaxy S7.


  • The camera quality leaves a lot to be desired.
  • This Samsung A7 Lite Writing Tablet’s keyboard sometimes freezes while typing.
  • The screen resolution is too low for reading and watching media.

#Alternative: Meberry Android 10.0 Writing Tablet

Product summary 

We highly recommend this Meberry Android 10.0 Writing Tablet for writers searching for a complete set with a keyboard and stylus. Its 10.1-inch screen is perfect in terms of compatibility while giving a giant screen to view your work without squinting eyes. Creatives can savor taking notes, writing, or editing documents on-the-go with this dynamic writing tablet.

Product review

This Meberry writing tablet comes with an array of accessories for a comprehensive writing experience. Each device comes with a case, Bluetooth keyboard, 2.4G wireless mouse, adapter cables, capacitive pen, and a protective film. The 10.1-inch screen is perfect for writing, taking notes, scribbling ideas, or comfortably watching research media. Writers can enjoy extended battery hours with the support of an 8000 mAh battery that gives roughly 7 to 8 hours of video playback. Its 64 GB internal memory is sufficient to easily store multiple documents and apps. You can also enjoy high-quality dual stereo speakers for a crystal clear audio experience throughout the day.

The tablet’s 1280×800 IPS screen resolution is perfect for watching research materials or enjoying your favorite movies and series. This power-packed writing tablet is equipped with a powerful octa-core processor that allows writers to perform multiple functions without significant lags. We understand the importance of having a tactile touch while writing; therefore, the keyboard and mouse compatibility works in unison to turn this tablet into a fast, fluid, and fully functional writing laptop within minutes. This tablet is available in gray and black metal color variants that look sleek and stylish even while handling the device. Its comfortable width doesn’t cause any fatigue making it the best digital writing tablet.


  • Brand: Meberry 
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inches
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB


  • This power-packed tablet has a perfect 10.1-inch screen for comfortable viewing.
  • Writers can enjoy this tablet with a pre-included fully functional keyboard and stylus.
  • A decent battery allows you to work more hours, uninterrupted.
  • A sleek design with impressive screen resolution keeps the user’s eyes stress-free.


  • The WiFi connectivity is relatively clunky and disconnects frequently.
  • A few users feel that the tablet’s battery dies quicker than their expectations.

#Runner up Moderness Android Writing Tablet

Product summary 

This product’s intuitive features, sleek design, excellent customer service, and warranty make it the best writing tablet. Writers have the freedom to purchase this tablet in two bright color variants- gray and silver. You are bound to enjoy an unmatched lag-free typing and scribbling experience with this Moderness Android Writing Tablet.

Product review

This writing tablet is powered by the Android 10.0 operating system and an energy-efficient, powerful 64-bit quad-core processor. The processor ensures that you enjoy a speedy performance, less lag, and unmatched app startup speed while working. This writing tablet is relatively lightweight and comes with an impressive 6000mAh lithium polymer battery that allows writers to work on their devices throughout the entire day. Its 22 hours of music playback indeed come handy during breaks or for unwinding at the end of the day.

Having a decent-sized screen takes up half the trouble of working on the go. This working tablet has a perfect 10-inch screen that makes working a breeze and allows you the efficiency of working on a PC. Writers and readers can enjoy a truly immersive reading experience on its large screen with the addition of a reading mode for the night.

We highly recommend this sleek silver cased tablet for writers who wish to own a 10 inch fully loaded writing tablet for their daily work schedule.


  • Brand: Moderness
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inches
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB


  • This tablet is comparatively less laggy and gives a smoother operation.
  • The 10-inch screen is sufficient to enjoy media or work on the tablet.
  • A decent screen with a 1280 x 800 HD IPS display lets the writers enjoy videos with utmost clarity.
  • The tablet is affordable and comes with a bunch of useful inbuilt apps.
  • Bluetooth keyboard connectivity lets you enjoy the tangible feel of keys.


  • This tablet doesn’t hold its charge for long writing sessions.
  • Many users had difficulty finding a correct-sized screen protector or case for this writing tablet.

#Runnerup: Duoduogo Writing Tablet

Product summary 

This vibrant 10.1-inch tablet is ideal for writers looking for a product that comes as a complete work-ready set. Each product comes with a foldable case, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, stylus, and screen protector. These additional accessories make this 64-bit Quad-core processor tablet a ready-to-use product.

Product review

This fast and highly responsive writing tablet works flawlessly to capture your words without any lags. This device comes equipped with an energy-saving 64-bit Quad-core processor and Android 10.0 for overall dynamic performance. Its stylus works efficiently and allows you to scribble notes or doodle without lag. The 10.1 inches 1280 x 800 resolution screen gives you a bright display of vivid colors for a more enhanced media viewing experience.

Each tablet comes with a faux leather case, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, stylus, screen protector, and cables for a complete work kit. The additional 360 degrees USB LED light allows writers to work at night with their keyboards.

Its 8000mAh lithium polymer battery allows you to work for long uninterrupted hours while saving enough battery for a decent movie, surfing, or music session.


  • Brand: Duoduogo 
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inches
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB


  • The tablet comes as a comprehensive set containing various accessories.
  • You can enjoy working or playing on this tablet with its 10.1-inch screen.
  • This tablet has an impressive refresh rate.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity lets you use the keyboard and mouse with ease.
  • Its 8000mAh battery is perfect for uninterrupted work sessions.


  • You may experience laggy behavior when scrolling or switching between apps quickly.
  • The volume on the highest level still sounds low while consuming media.

Writing Tablets FAQ

#1 Can I write a novel on a tablet?

The most preferred device to write a novel is a computer or a laptop. But these are not the only devices you can use if you want to write a book. You can write a novel using any device of your choice provided that it has some writing software installed in it, like notepad, Microsoft office 365, etc. Some people even use their smartphones to write a full-length novel.

Tablet is emerging as a popular choice to write because of its large screen and portability. It is handy to use and, at the same time, does not strain your eyes as much as your mobile devices. It is also portable, unlike computers, and easy to carry, unlike your laptop. As a creative, you get a pool of ideas anywhere, anytime, and it is easy to jot them down on your tablets.

But tablets are still not the ideal choice to write a novel for many writers, and they still prefer old-fashioned laptops or computer screens. But if you want to, you can use our tablets to write a book. It is your tablet and your novel, after all.

#2 Do tablets have a keyboard?

Yes. Even though tablets have an inbuilt keypad, not everyone is comfortable using it. You can never ignore the comfort of a physical keypad, and hence tech giants came up with the models of tablets called Hybrids or two-in-ones.

These hybrids are what you can say is a combination of a tablet and a laptop, and you have the big screen of a tablet plus the comfort of a physical keyboard of your computer. Some examples of hybris are Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Google Pixel C, etc.

Even if your tablet does not have a physical keyboard, many laptops support connecting an external keyboard. You can connect these keyboards to your tablet via Bluetooth or some dock. But before buying a keyboard for your tablet, consider the following factors:


When you buy a keyboard for your tablet, you have two options to choose from. One is a Bluetooth keyboard that connects to your tablet via Bluetooth, and the second is a keyboard that you can connect with some dock. Most of the tablets support Bluetooth-connected keyboards, and they are handier to use and hence preferred.


If you use the keyboard with a dock, you should not consider this factor. If you are going for a Bluetooth keyboard, you have to charge it beforehand. So you have to consider its battery capacity.

Spacing and size of the keys

You will opt for the physical keyboard for your comfort and save time. So if you are not comfortable with the size and spacing of the keys, it is of no use, and it would also waste your time more instead of saving it. So get a keyboard that is comfortable for you to use.

Special keys

The special keys on the keyboard, like the windows key or the key to increase or decrease the brightness, are specially made for your laptop. Most of the time, these keys don’t work with your tablet. Nonetheless, some keyboards are specially made for your tablets. These keyboards have special keys which you can use to power on or off the tablet, increase or decrease the music volume, etc. If you require such keys, pay attention to whether your keyboards provide such keys or not.

Buy your keyboard after you think about all of these factors thoroughly. If you don’t, you are just going to waste your money.

#3 What software does JK Rowling use?

JK Rowling used to handwrite her early Harry Potter books. Sometime after that, she switched to a typewriter and completed some of her books using it.

Again in November 2006, she started using a laptop computer. She used this laptop to finish the rest of the Harry Potter novels. While using her laptop computer, she used Microsoft word to write her books. It is pretty evident in the documentary on her life, “JK Rowling: A Year In The Life.”

In this documentary, you can see her using it to write a chapter in her book if you pay close attention to the laptop screen. After finishing the harry potter novels, she said that she now uses MacBook Air to write her books.

#4 Are LCD writing tables safe?

LCD writing tablets are primarily used as a replacement for pen and paper. These tablets come along with a pen. So they are straightforward to use. They are also lightweight. So they are easy to carry around with you.

These tablets are preferred chiefly for children as they are easy to use and eco-friendly. Doodling and drawing on these tablets does not require any colors, and hence, they are also a better option for doodling and drawing for children.

The adults can use them for writing, taking notes, anytime, anywhere, even in a meeting. Little children can also use them for writing, drawing, doodling, etc. The material with which these writing tablets are made is non-toxic.

Since children use these tablets extensively, they are made by considering the user’s safety, especially their screens. The radiations from the screens can harm the user’s eyes, and children’s eyes are more prone to get damaged due to these radiations.

Therefore, these tablets adopt advanced high-tech colorful LCD screens. The screens are also significant, and the larger display and brighter colors are used considering the safety of all age groups, especially children.

Most of the tablets adopt pressure-sensitive technology, which helps them in eye protection. Because of the technology used, there is no radiation and glare from the screens. As there is no radiation and glare, these tablets do not harm users’ eyes. Hence, you can use them for a more extended period.

Considering all the safety measures taken to make the LCD writing tablets, you can say that they are safe to use.


We hope our buyer’s guide for the best writing tablet helped you make an informed purchase. Buying a tablet specifically for writing purposes can be tricky, and therefore we highly recommend looking for a few essential features before buying. You should always pay attention to the tablet’s refresh rate and lagging issues, as typing requires a reasonably smooth running processor. Other features to pay attention to include battery backup, screen size, keyboard compatibility, stylus inclusion, and display quality.

Are you ready to wring out some extra words wherever you go?