10 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks (Expert Picks for 2024)

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on May 1, 2024
best bullet journals

Selecting a bullet journal notebook can be very challenging, whether you are a beginner or an experienced bullet journaler.

Online and offline retailers offer a variety of styles that are appropriate for various uses.

Everything is available, from simple and minimalist styles to expert art journals. 

But before we start with how to choose the best bullet journals and how they work, let’s understand the meaning of it.

How To Choose the Best Bullet Journals?

Deciding on the ideal notebook could be challenging. There are so many incredible players available. But when you’re first starting out, it might be difficult to know precisely what you need from your notebooks.

Below are some qualities you might consider while selecting your ideal notebook.

  • Paper tone: Would you like ivory? Cream? White as snow? Consider this, as your paper’s color will affect how your inks and brush pens will appear to be colored.
  • Paginated pages: You’ll require numbered pages if you wish to adhere to the classic Bullet Journal format. But not all journals provide that. Decide whether you need your pages to be numbered or whether you can number them yourself as you go.
  • Extra pages: Some diaries include pre-made pages like an index and a key. This significantly quickens the procedure. Decide if you want to design all the pages alone or if you require those.
  • A number of pages: For your diary to survive a year, you may require 250 pages on average. However, it is all based on the number of pages you use each month. You might contemplate that when selecting the journal, whatever the sum is. It will survive longer, although it will be thicker the more pages it has. 
  • Paper thickness: The paper quality is last but not least. Also, make sure to verify the paper’s thickness because spilling or buffering on your pages is something you definitely don’t want. Anything between 100 and 120 GSM is quite reliable, though obviously, the greater the GSM, the better.

Now that you understand how you can choose the best bullet journals, let’s understand how it works.

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How Do Bullet Journals Work?

By using a bullet journal, you may stay organized and on top of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chores, goals, and activities. That is how it resembles a planner.

However, a bullet journal is more than just a planner. It has pages and pages of checklists and components that can keep you organized and keep you informed of your feelings.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the 10 best bullet journals.

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What Journals Are Best For Bullet Journaling?

Below are a few top-rated best bullet journals that are both diversified and timeless. Based on which aspect meets your requirements, you can examine each one and choose the best choice.

Leuchtturm1917 (Originally a Bullet Journal)

In the bullet journaling community, the Leuchtturm1917 is a legend. It comes in a variety of colors in an A5 format. It is both spacious enough for thorough journaling and compact enough to comfortably fit in your rucksack. The greatest bullet journal notebook currently available is this one if you want something simple and cost-effective.

he numbered pages and ink-resistant paper are the notebooks' best features.
Source: Leuchtturm1917.


The numbered pages and ink-resistant paper are the notebooks’ best features. The flat-layout thread-bound diary is ideal for pleasant journaling. Additionally, it has an interior pocket and an elastic clasp. The journal also has four index pages and bullet journaling advice.

  • Many Page Options for Color Design: Squared, Dotted, Plain, and Ruled
  • Sizes available: A5
  • 80 GSM Paper Quality (Thin)
  • Cover: Soft or Hard
Hardcovers are robust.The pages aren’t bright white (this may be a turn-off for some).
The notebook is protected from damage and bending by an elastic band.For individuals who prefer to construct their own or do not need an index, the built-in index is a drawback.
A wonderful spot to keep loose notes is the pocket in the back.Ghosting and bleeding do occur, but how much varies on the pen or ink that is used.
Page marking is more convenient with 2 ribbons.
It has page numbers and an index integrated into it.
It’s tough to get tired of the variety of colors available.
Watercolor paint reacts wonderfully on pages. 
On each and every page, the dots are in the same location.

Out of 10 one of the best bullet journals is Leuchtturm 1917. 

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Moleskine (The Ultimate Journal For Artists)

With this incredible Moleskine bullet journal notebook, you can now simply plot, plan, and monitor your dreams. The high-quality, dotted sheets make it the ideal bullet journal for artists since they allow you to fully express your ideas. It is a fantastic way to come up with a unique approach to listing your immediate and long-term objectives, travel plans, or whatever is most important to you! 

With this incredible Moleskine bullet journal notebook, you can now simply plot, plan, and monitor your dreams.
Source: Moleskine.


Highlights include:

  • Dotted pages, 
  • An index page, and 
  • Two ribbon bookmarks.

The pages are labeled for quick access, and free stickers are supplied to personalize your notes. It opens 180 degrees and lies evenly on the surface, making journaling pleasant.

  • There are numerous color options.
  • Page Layout Options: Dotted, Plain, Ruled, Squared
  • Classic (3.5′′ x 5.5′′), Large (5′′ x 8.25′′), Extra Large (7.5′′ x 9.5′′), and Extra Extra Large (8.5′′ x 11′′) sizes are available.
  • Paper Weight: 70 GSM (Thin).
  • Hard or soft cover.
Easily accessible in stores.Thinner paper is more prone to ink bleed.
The price is reasonable.While it is available in both hard and soft covers, hard-covered versions are harder to procure from retailers.
Page layout options include blank, lined, squared, and dotted.
Paper that is lightweight.
Size and weight are both portables.
The back cover has an extensible inner pocket.

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Scribbles That Matters (An organized Best Bullet Journal)

This Distinctive Journal from Scribbles that Matter makes it much easier to keep a record of your appointments, objectives, tasks, and thoughts. It is a very innovative organizational system that may be tailored to your specific needs. This notebook is also an ideal alternative for novices. 

The best part is that it consists of ultra-smooth, acid-free, 160 gsm paper for seamless writing.
Source: Scribbles that matters.


The best part is that it consists of ultra-smooth, acid-free, 160 gsm paper for seamless writing. For stunning double-sided writing, there is

  • No ghosting, 
  • No bleeding, or 
  • No feathering. 

It also includes a “Pen Test” page to ensure that your hard work is not ruined. For a stress-free and structured setup, the notebook includes:

  • A key code sheet, 
  • Dotted numbered pages, 
  • Index pages, and 
  • Two color-coded bookmarks. 
  • Allows for convenient writing by laying flat.

The color options that you get are: 

  • Pastel pink, 
  • Mint, 
  • Teal, 
  • Navy, 
  • Lavender, 
  • Sky blue, 
  • Grey, 
  • Bottle green, 
  • Olive, and 
  • Charcoal

It also includes: 

  • Dotted Grid Page Design
  • Sizes available: A5
  • Paper Weight: 160 GSM (Thick)
  • Cover material: hardcover (faux leather)
Pages are numbered.The pen loop does not easily accommodate pens.
The paper is thick.The dots are quite small.
A pocket is included.
Two ribbon bookmarks

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Notebook Feela (The Best Bullet Journal for Beginners)

Feela notebooks are a wonderful starting point if you’re new to bullet journaling. The notebooks enable you to get the ultimate experience without spending a lot of money. They are a comprehensive bundle because they include a plethora of beginner-friendly bujo accessories. Among the 10 other best bullet journals is the Feels notebook.

This all-in-one kit comes with:

  • A notepad, 
  • Colourful pens, 
  • Black pens, 
  • Washi tape, 
  • Stencils, 
  • Stickers, and 
  • Other fascinating bujo essentials.
Feela notebooks are a wonderful starting point if you're new to bullet journaling.
Source: Notebook Feela.


The best features are that it is a hardback dotted grid notepad with 224 numbered pages. The notebook includes four index pages and is string bound for durability. It also includes two ribbon bookmarks for easy accessibility. The elastic closure and the back pocket round off this journal excellently.

  • Five color options are available: orange, yellow, green, grey, and black.
  • Dotted Grid is the page design.
  • A5 (5.7 x 8.2 x 0.66″) is one of the available sizes.
  • The paper is thin.
  • The cover is hardcover.
Pages are numbered.Pages that are thin
Pen attachmentThe binding is a little sloppy.
There are two ribbons.
A pocket is included.

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Rhodiarama Journal

Best for lettering and calligraphy

Rhodiarama has created a basic yet elegant bullet journal notebook that is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Because the notebooks are softcover, they can easily fit into backpacks or handbags.

The paper in these journals is exceptionally smooth and acid-free, with no leaking, ghosting, or feathering. These papers are also ideal for those who enjoy lettering and calligraphy.

Rhodiarama has created a basic yet elegant bullet journal notebook that is suitable for both beginners and experts.
Source: Rhodiarama Journal.


It includes an Italian faux leather sheath with an imprinted Rhodia logo. It features a bonded, flexible spine that is extremely strong, so your pages will not fall out. It’s even handier with an orange ribbon label and an elastic closing. 

There is also an expanded inside pouch for bookmarks, stickers, stencils, and other small items. The journals have 80 pages (A5 size) and 72 pages (A6 size).

  • 16 bright hues are available.
  • Dotted and lined page design.
  • Sizes available: A5, A6, Composition.
  • Paper Weight: 90 Gsm (slightly thick).
  • Cover material: soft cover.
Made on premium Clairefontaine paper.It easily conceals dents and blemishes.
The cover is really soft and pleasant to the touch.The pages are really yellow.The enclosure and bookmark are usually orange, which clashes with various colored covers.
The glued binding comes undone, which is a typical complaint from Amazon reviewers.

👉 Buy Rhodiarama Journal (best for lettering and calligraphy)

Notebooks Nuuna

Best high-end bullet journal

If you enjoy unusual and attractive bullet journal covers, Nuuna Notebooks are an excellent choice!

The best bullet journals are of great quality and available with a variety of cover options. Notebooks are available in both softcover and hardback formats. That is why it is the best bullet journal compared to high-end notebooks.

Nuuna has a notepad for every emotion, with patterns ranging from bright and bold to quiet and monochromatic. These notebooks are intended to provide you with a beautiful blank canvas for a personalized journaling journey.

If you enjoy unusual and attractive bullet journal covers, Nuuna Notebooks are an excellent choice!
Source: Notebooks Nuuna.


What distinguishes Nuuna notebooks are the numerous innovative cover alternatives available.

The notebook’s size is ideal for both on-the-go journaling and sit-down writing. They have:

  • A silky leather cover, 
  • A robust binding, 
  • Premium paper, and 
  • A lay-flat design for a high-quality writing experience.

The one-of-a-kind patterns are an excellent gift for your beloved.

  • Color options include 40 distinct styles.
  • Dotted Grid is the page design.
  • Sizes available: 8.7 x 6.5 x 0.9″.
  • Paper Weight: 120 gsm (Thick).
  • The cover is leather.
Product of high quality.The cover is soft.
The extra white paper is available.There is no strap.
Dot grid with fewer dots.Paper has the ability to ghost and bleed through.
Dot grid in a light color.There is no rear pocket.
Environmentally friendly.There is no pen loop.
The binding should be laid flat.There are no bookmarks.
The cover artwork is limited and has a larger notepad size.

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Notebook Northbooks

Best bullet journal at an affordable price

Whenever you check your bullet journal every day, your work is worth highlighting!

That is precisely what Northbooks’ notebooks provide. The basic design is both visually appealing and functional, allowing you to concentrate on what you write.

Whenever you check your bullet journal every day, your work is worth highlighting!
Source: Notebook Northbooks.


Because these notebooks lie flat at 180 degrees, you may journal with ease.

An uncovered stitch binding holds the A5 dotted notepad together, creating an easy lay design. It has a versatile design that is ideal for

  • Bullet journaling, 
  • Jotting thoughts, 
  • Drawing, 
  • calligraphy, and so on. 

Lastly, the 158-page book is encased in a strong cardstock shell for a pleasant journaling journey.

  • Grey, Black, and Kraft are the available colors.
  • Page Layout: Dotted, Lined, Squared, and Plain
  • Sizes available: A5, A5x, B5, and 710
  • Paper Weight: 90 gsm (slightly thick)
  • Cover material: softcover

👉 Buy Notebook Northbooks (best journal at an affordable price)

Webnotebook Rhodia A5

Bullet journal with the highest paper quality

Rhodia’s web notebooks, commonly called the “Webbie,” are the go-to option for fountain pen enthusiasts and regular note-takers. It is stuffed with excellent grade 90 gsm paper. The hardback cover makes the notebooks ideal for use in public places! For art and sketching buffs, this variety is also available in landscape format.

Rhodia's web notebooks, commonly called the "Webbie," are the go-to option for fountain pen enthusiasts and regular note-takers.
Source: Webnotebook Rhodia A5.


The imitation leather hardcover exterior is both stylish and durable. It includes a ribbon label and an elastic closure. The superior paper is acid-free and pH neutral. An interior pocket is offered for:

  • Storing notes, 
  • Cards, 
  • Stickers, or 
  • Stencils. 

Lastly, the rounded edges appear exquisite and preserve the design from simply tearing or splitting.

  • Orange, black, and silver are the available colors.
  • Page Layout: Lined, Blank, Dot Grid
  • A5 size is available.
  • 90 gsm paper (slightly thick).
  • Hardcover edition.
The paper and cover are absolutely luxurious.As compared to others, it is heavier and bulkier. 
Cheap – $22 is a great price for this.

👉 Buy Webnotebook Rhodia A5

Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook

Best for junk bullet journaling and scrapbooking

The Tomoe River paper is used to make the Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook.

The notebook comes in two sizes: A5 and A6 and has 3.7mm grids on the pages.

The A6 is a great pocket size, while the A5 is a traditional bullet journal size.

Both variations are separated into four equal portions, each with its own grid color. This enables you to utilize a single notebook for multiple topics or chores.

The Tomoe River paper is used to make the Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook.
Source: Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook.


Despite being incredibly thin and light, Tomoe River paper is exceptionally resistant to ink bleedthrough.

The graph sheet format enables you to create a variety of page layouts.

The varied divisions and 288 pages in these notebooks are a bonus! An ergonomic lay-flat notebook is provided by the stitch-binding.

  • choices for color: orange
  • grid layout in page design
  • sizes available: A5, A6
  • 52 gsm Paper Quality (Tomoe River Paper)
  • the cover is soft
Japanese has an ultrathin paperAvailability is slow and it’s hard to find.
It has bleeding and feathering resistance.
The journal is slim and lightweight.

👉 Buy Hobonichi Ultra-Thin Notebook

Midori’s Traveling Journal

Best bullet journal for traveling

As its title suggests, a travel geek’s closest buddy is Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook.

It’s convenient and comfy to transport. Its size makes it the ideal travel companion for maps and tickets.

It makes a great travel companion for your journal, and you can also use it on a daily basis to feel like you’re on vacation! 

The notebook is nearly the same size as a traditional A5 bujo but is noticeably smaller, making it convenient to carry and pleasant to write in.
Source: Midori’s Traveling Journal.


The notebook is nearly the same size as a traditional A5 bujo but is noticeably smaller, making it convenient to carry and pleasant to write in.

Its straightforward design makes it ideal for personalization.

As you travel, you can add charms or stickers to the design. The leather’s texture varies as you use the notebook further, providing it uniquely YOUR edition.

  • Available hues are brown, camel, green, and blue.
  • Plain Page Design
  • Options for size: 4.72 x 8.66 inches
  • Paper Grade: MD Paper Cover: Softcover, Leather

You must be wondering which ones are the most popular bullet journals, as the pool of options may be daunting for you.

But no worries, just scroll down to find your answer.

It is widely available.When fresh, the leather appears flawless but rapidly develops obvious scuffs and scratches due to wear.
The leather is easy to throw into the luggage without harming it and is supple and beautifully broken in.

👉 Buy Midori’s Traveling Journal

Leuchtturm1917 the hardcover version of the bullet journal, which has 249 numbered pages and 8 perforated pages, is by far the most popularly used one.

It has approximately 2,400 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating.

What’s the main selling point?

It has a rear pocket where you can keep all of your washi tape and stickers.

What Size Bullet Journal Is Best?

There are many different sizes of best bullet journals, from little (3 x 4) to huge (8 x 10) (nearly the size of a sheet of paper).

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take your lifestyle into account when determining the appropriate size for you.

Do you prefer to travel light and always have a bullet journal with you? Think about a small or portable bujo.

You might like a larger notebook if you prefer to organize at a table and your bullet journal won’t be heading around often. This small notebook is particularly useful if you want to keep notes or have to fit a great deal of information on a single page.

The medium-sized bullet journal usually referred to as an A5 notebook, is by far the most common size. It’s a terrific size for the majority of individuals as it offers plenty of room for writing while being the ideal size for a backpack, laptop bag, handbag, or tote.

Since this dimension is the most common, you have a wide range of notebook choices. All of these choices can be confusing if you’re new to bullet journaling.

Are Moleskine Notebooks Good for Bullet Journaling?

Moleskine Classic Notebooks are your go-to selection for all of your daily note-taking requirements.

They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and page designs.

The Moleskine bullet journal is ideal for bullet journaling because its thick ivory pages are just waiting to be filled with your thoughts, ideas, and checklists.


Honestly, the most essential thing is to not overthink it.

Simply begin if you want to and are eager to use your first bullet journal!

Choose the notebook that right now seems to work for you.

With practice and more expertise, you’ll discover exactly whatever you need and the type of notebook that’s best for you.

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