Best AI Copywriting Software for 2024

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on June 26, 2024
Best AI Copywriting Software for 2024

Copywriting is not the easiest job in the world. It requires creativity, high-level language proficiency, and a deep understanding of the market and target audience. Whether you’re writing product descriptions, blog articles, or PPC ads, there’s a huge volume of work involved, and you can use an extra pair of hands to help you optimize the content creation process.

You can hire an assistant to help you write blog posts or generate content more efficiently. But there are more cost-effective alternatives: AI copywriting software tools. AI-generated content may not be perfect, but so is human-generated content!

thanks to machine learning and processing algorithms, AI copywriting tools are evolving faster than what we imagined once. First, let’s know more about these AI tools and their benefits. Then we’ll introduce some of the best AI copywriting tools for 2024.

Are AI Copywriting Tools Any Good?

YES, of course! AI copywriting tools are extremely valuable resources for marketers, content creation teams and branding campaigns. But to understand the power of these tools, let’s first see how they work.

AI copywriting tools essentially use natural language processing algorithms to generate content. The AI copywriting software first receives some instructions about the intended content. For instance, you should let the AI know whether you need social media posts or ad copy. Then you’ll set specific parameters.

For example, you might need long-form content with an academic writing style. The AI copywriting software will follow these instructions by analyzing similar preexisting content from the internet or your own database and generates new and plagiarism-free content.

With their machine learning capabilities, AI copywriting tools are continuously improving, helping marketers and content creators run their campaigns more efficiently. AI helps businesses understand the customer’s intent and provide solutions that can satisfy their needs. But it is still unclear whether AI can actually replace human writers.

It seems unlikely that AI will ever replace professional human copywriters because it lacks emotions, imagination and creativity. Most experts believe that AI will only increase the productivity and efficiency of the content creation process. That said, we better remain open-minded about the capabilities of AI innovations like GPT-3 and GPT-4 since they’ve revolutionized the tech world. 

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 or GPT-3 is probably the most fascinating milestone in AI copywriting evolution. In a nutshell, GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

GPT-3 can handle a wide range of tasks, like generating text, answering questions, and translating texts into different languages. GPT-3 is one of the leading language-processing AI systems in the market, offering highly accurate and realistic responses to a broad array of inputs.

You can use GPT-3 and other AI writing tools for various functions and purposes, including:

  • Short social media copy 
  • Text summaries 
  • Copyediting tasks 
  • Writing SEO meta descriptions
  • Keyword integration
  • Grammar analysis and more

10 Best AI Copywriting Software to Test Out in 2024

If you are looking for the best AI copywriting tools, there are a few factors that you should consider. First, you need to know what you expect from the AI copywriting software. Do you need to write long-form content, sales copy, or create high-quality content for your business blog?

Besides the tool’s function, you should examine its features and capabilities and make sure it can provide everything you need. The list below encompasses the 10 best AI copywriting software, including free and paid tools. Let’s take a look:

1. Lex

Lex is a fairly new AI-powered word processor that elegantly incorporates GPT-3 into a clean, modern, and intuitive interface. Lex is one of the best AI copywriting software with incredible features. It offers a smart auto-complete, and an outliner to sum up paragraphs.

Every AI-related task in Lex is triggered by natural language commands rather than the more complex interfaces and frameworks of paid GPT-3 tools. That’s why Lex is highly recommended for beginners who want to explore the capabilities of GPT-3 before deciding whether to invest in a more advanced AI copywriting tool.


  • No-frills AI-powered editor
  • Nice formatting commands


  • Too few text commands
  • No templates

Pricing: Free.

2. is a great copywriting software for those who want a free 7-day trial (with no credit card required!) before purchasing their AI writing assistant. operates with a powerful technology similar to Jasper (GPT-3), allowing users to write everything from blog posts to sales copy and social media content. will allow you to control the tone and language style of your content which is extremely helpful for maintaining your personal writing style and creating human-like texts. With, you create all sorts of content from emails to landing pages, articles and testimonials in almost 10 minutes. has flexible pricing, with the paid Pro annual plan starting at $35/mo. Custom packages are also available for larger content marketing teams who need to incorporate AI into various routine tasks.


  • Decent output for short texts
  • Outline generator
  • Multi-language support


  • Poor text re-generation counts towards word credits

Pricing: Freemium. From $49/mo.

3. Jasper


Jasper (formerly known as is another robust AI copywriting tool and the perfect solution for common copywriting challenges like writer’s block, poor conversion rates, and diminished efficiency.

Jasper can create any type of content, including Blogs (from outlines to complete articles) Social media posts, ad copy, Product descriptions and Google ads, SEO meta descriptions, and optimized content for landing pages.

Jasper also delivers tons of premade content templates and built-in writing features to help you write faster, expand sentences and transform them into more engaging and readable writings.


  • Template database
  • Loads of training resources
  • Advanced text generation


  • Pricey for the hyped quality

Pricing: From $29/mo.

4. Jenni

jenni is a powerful and flexible AI copywriting software for creating high-quality content and SEO-optimized blog posts. Jenni allows you to adjust the tone based on the subject and write content in different tones including bold, professional, friendly, academic, and persuasive.

Jenni’s interface is incredibly intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use. The search bar at the top of the dashboard allows users to search for relevant keywords, conduct keyword research and incorporate them in the copy.

Jenni offers a handful of very useful features to help beginner copywriters create and improve their writing quality. Some of the features available on the premium version are: an extensive thesaurus, a robust plagiarism checker, and an advanced grammar check.


  • Plagiarism checks
  • Citation/sources lookup
  • Sentence paraphraser


  • Limited templates for creating different types of content

Pricing: From $6/mo.

5. Wordtune


Sometimes you read your copy and realize it can be improved but you don’t know how. Wordtune can help you efficiently rewrite copies and social media posts based on your writing style, topic and content tone. Wordtune can rephrase a single sentence into 10-20 new and original sentences, from which you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Wordtune has a Chrome extension that can be activated on many popular websites such as Google Docs, Twitter, Grammarly, and LinkedIn, making it one of the most practical AI copywriting and grammar-assistance tools in the market.

Wordtune, like many other automated copywriting software, allows beginner writers to improve their writing skills, understand language structures, and find more interesting ways to articulate their points of view.


  • Excellent re-write feature
  • Helpful for copy punch-ups


  • Sentence expander is hit or miss

Pricing: Freemium. From $9.99/mo.

6. Rytr


Rytr is another great free AI copywriting tool that uses GPT-3 and Proprietary AI to generate content. Rytr offers one of the most versatile templates with more than 25 different use cases, including unusually creative content like song lyrics and story plots.

This AI software might be new but it has proven to be one of the best AI copywriting software out there, offering more than a dozen tones, which is much more than other AI tools. Rytr is the perfect choice for writing creative and high-converting copy that requires flexibility.

Rytr also has powerful text editor features that let you edit content instantly on the platform. You can also use artificial intelligence algorithms to expand, shorten, rewrite, and merge sentences.


  • Up to 10K free characters per month (more than others offer)
  • AI image generator


  • Long-form content is a bit repetitive 
  • Blog outlines sometimes do not follow a logical progression from introduction to conclusion

Pricing: Freemium. From $9/month.

7. Moonbeam


Moonbeam is an AI writing assistant and copywriting software designed to help you write academic essays, creative stories, articles, blogs, and other long-form content. The Wizard feature helps students and other writers instantly transform their jumbled notes into a well-organized outline with perfectly written paragraphs and meaningful sentences.

Moonbeam uses AI to create content for long-form essays, blog posts, copywriting, headline generation, and several other use cases. You can also use the Moonbeam AI Editor to expand bullet points into organized paragraphs.


  • Custom style generator
  • Unlimited Luna AI Access
  • Wide range of built-in templates
  • Continuously adding useful features


  • A limited number of features compared to other AI copywriting tools
  • Fairly steep pricing

Pricing: Freemium. From $15/mo.

8. Writer


Writer is one of the most impressive AI writing platforms that can produce high-conversion ad copy and content based on specific parameters and brand guidelines. Writer allows you to create a generic ad copy based on your website articles, and convert poorly written texts into high-quality content.

Writer focuses on building a consistent brand voice across every customer touchpoint, helping content marketing teams optimize their teamwork quality.


  • Excellent collaboration features
  • Supporting a wide range of tones and writing styles
  • Incredible security


  • The interface can be a bit confusing

Pricing: From $18/mo per user.

9. Wordplay


WordPlay is one of the best AI copywriting tools that help you create long articles (up to 1500 words) with just a few clicks. WordPlay reduces your writing time and maximizes your content production efficiency.

One of the biggest advantages of this AI writing tool is that it is virtually guaranteed to deliver plagiarism-free content. WordPlays integration features are quite handy. For example, it allows users to publish content directly to the WordPress site.


  • Post outline generator
  • Good writing on basic (B2C) topics
  • Plagiarism-free and user-friendly content


  • More expensive
  • Long-form content only
  • Word limits are extremely low.
  • Limited voice tone options

Pricing: From $21/mo.

10. LongShot


LongShot AI is an incredibly powerful copywriting software that creates content around specific keywords and researched niches. With LongShot, you can create SEO-friendly content for your blog and write long posts without having writer’s block.

LongShot is continuously and rapidly improving its AI-powered platform to help bloggers create more content in their niche. LongShot has an advanced editing feature and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to ensure you don’t have to waste time fixing grammatical mistakes.


  • Creates SEO-optimized content and content briefs
  • Generates headline ideas
  • Advanced fact-checking feature


  • Limited templates for purposes other than blogging
  • Expensive plans compared to alternatives

Pricing: From $29/mo.

To Sum Up 

Comparing the AI of today with that of a decade ago, it is clear what great strides we have made over the years. Today an AI-powered copywriting tool can produce research-based, readable and relevant content. There is no doubt the content quality is still far below that of a professional writer but it is still fascinating.

The best AI copywriting tools can assist human writers in the writing process, helping them reduce the time spent on writing the copy by hours by completing tasks that don’t require much monitoring and creativity.

All copywriting software and tools mentioned in this post are rapidly evolving and planning to add new features for effective copywriting and content writing. The introduction of GPT-3, GPT-4 and other natural language processing/machine learning models is facilitating this process.

Keep in mind that none of the AI copywriting tools in the market are capable of producing ready-to-use content, or content that is of comparable quality to copy written by a skilled human writer. So, the main purpose of using copywriting software and tools is to help copywriters write better, faster and much more efficiently!

Comparison Table

AI Copywriting SoftwareAvailabilitySubscription PriceFree Trial
Copy.aiWorldwideFreemium. From $49/mo.7 Days
JasperWorldwideFrom $29/mo.5 Days 
JenniWorldwideFrom $6/mo.Unavailable.
WordtuneWorldwideFrom $9.99/mo.7 Days
RytrWorldwideFrom $9/mo7 Days
MoonbeamWorldwideFrom $15/mo30 Days
WriterWorldwideFrom $18/mo14 Days
WordplayWorldwideFrom $21/mo7 Days
LongshotWorldwideFrom $29/mo5 Days
  • Best for large content teams – Writer
  • Best free AI writing tool – Lex
  • Best collection of writing templates – Jasper
  • Best AI editing tool – Wordtune
  • Best for marketers –
  • Best for SEO-optimized content creation – Jenni
  • Best for content creators working shoestring budget– Rytr
  • Best for generating long form content– Moonbeam
  • Best for people looking to create content at scale– Wordplay
  • Best for research based content creation– Longshot

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